Wednesday, October 16, 2019

We need to define terms

Anyone who has ever listened to a conservative talk knows that they're not fond of defining certain terms. For example to a conservative the words communist, fascist, socialist, liberal, democrat and ooga-booga all mean the same thing to them.

Conservatives also like to confuse normal people about the real meaning of other words. Even the word conservative is not really understood by most people, the implication is that they're trying to conserve or protect something. A conservative will tell you that they're trying to protect their values or morals but of course by their nature they possess no positive values or morals. 

Published studies show that conservatives have brain abnormalities that are revealed on a CT scan, specifically an enlarged amygdala and a diminished anterior cingulate. The effect of these abnormalities show up on an MRI when a conservative tries to think, the areas of the brain that light up don't match those of a normal brain.  A conservative will either try to tell you he's a very stable genius who came up with every rightwing talking point himself or that it simply came to him through his faith, you know, magic. It's really just neurobiology and constant exposure to rightwing hate media. 

The amygdala is the most primitive part of the brain that we inherited from lizards and it controls the fight or flight response. A conservative brain is constantly marinating in fear hormones which is why they are racked with paranoid delusions and display irrational anger toward anything they don't understand.

You've noticed that conservatives are easily outraged over a range of issues, it turns out that their outrage is triggering the fight response in order to get a shot of endorphins, much as endurance runners and such do through exercise to get the "runner's high". The effect is the same as using opioids, the outraged conservative is nothing but a junkie. It's why you can't talk sense to a conservative about their favorite outrage because you are trying to deny them their fix. 

The anterior cingulate produces feelings of hope and trust. A conservative doesn't have this and it makes is obvious why conservatives were so offended by Obama's meme of "Hope and Change", they can't conceive of such a thing, it wasn't just racism. 

In simple terms the conservative is hardwired to suck up and kick down. He defers to anyone he perceives as powerful and views the weak as justifiable prey. Anyone who gets in the way of this is the enemy to be stabbed in the back at first opportunity. 

I'm not saying you shouldn't engage conservatives, it can be educational and even fun when you learn how to handle them, like keeping a dangerous reptile as a pet. Just don't expect them to change, they'll always try to bite you. -