Thursday, May 30, 2019

Trump's best hope for re-election

Some people are taking the thick black smoke rising up from the bond market as some sort of signal about the economy. Huh? Trump says he can't  be impeached because he's responsible for the greatest economy ever. But we make a yuge mistake by assuming that a good old fashioned market crash will in anyway change Trump's re-election chances. Trump thrives on chaos, he can convincingly argue to people stupid enough to vote for him that they need him to fight for them. 

Remember that Trump is a minority President, I don't mean because he's orange, but because he got less than half the vote from the less than half of Americans that voted. Trump really represents 20% of Americans, this includes the 15% that are conservative plus people that are otherwise liberal but buy into the bullshit conservatives peddle on one issue or another.

So how do you make sure your candidate wins when more than half the population hates them? Pick the schmuck who running against them. This was supposed to make Hillary President, it doesn't always work. Big money poured into her campaign but the former middle-class wouldn't vote for another Clinton. Oddly they hold a grudge about free-trade forcing their families into poverty. Trump was able to ride this to the White House much to everyone's shock.

The big money has since decided that Trump isn't so bad after all (apparently somebody hid the nuclear football) and so the big money is just pouring in but the really strategic big money is going to Democrats. Biden is the conservative money's choice, if he wins he'll give them four more years of Reagan/Clinton policies. And he's guaranteed to produce a low voter turn-out because he's got all of Hillary's baggage and more, a low turnout favors Trump and all the Republicans who would otherwise be voted out get a real shot. 

The big money isn't just going to Biden, a number of faux progressive candidates are getting a nice stipend to help make Bernie's numbers look weak. Of course Biden is getting a huge boost in the polls by weighting the results with the assumption that people under 50 won't vote. Ironically that will be true if Biden is the candidate. 

Trump is doing his part by blustering about Sleepy Joe and the media then pumps up Biden by saying Trump is afraid of him because Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will go for Biden. The former middle-class in those states won't be so inclined when Biden's record is splashed around anymore than they voted for Hillary. The Big Money intends to give us a choice between extra flavorful Orange Fascism and Pale Fascism Lite. It's a killer hang-over either way. -