Thursday, May 2, 2019

Azincourt Class Super Carrier

Joe Biden put on a strange performance in Iowa where trotted out some 20th century talking points about trade with China. He was dismissive of anyone who thinks that China is competition for the US economically or militarily. Apparently Joe hasn't noticed that everything in Walmart says "made in China" in really small print. He doesn't notice the trillion dollar annual trade deficit or that wages have not improved since he was a freshman in Congress forty years ago. He helped Clinton bring us the trade policies that are turning us into a third world country and he just doesn't see it, or hopes we won't. His surrogates are alternately dismissing complaints about this on the Republican partisanship or the ignorance of socialists on the left depending who they're talking to.  

He went on to drop some Trump like comments to justify his position by claiming Beijing has its hands full with domestic and regional problems. 

Biden cited tensions in the South China Sea that he called "the China Sea" which is unwittingly appropriate since the tensions there are strictly of China's making as they claim the entire area for themselves and are building artificial islands with military installations to enforce this new found sovereignty.  Yeah Joe, it is the "China Sea".

Joe then went with a full-on disconnect saying, "... the problems in the mountains... in the west". Nobody knows what he was referring to, maybe Tibet? It's in the mountains and was a big deal in the 90s but this never created any real problems for China. China is engaged in massive infrastructure building to the west to spread its influence and control. These aren't problems for China, these are opportunities they are exploiting.

Biden went on to dismiss concerns about China's military with the tried and true, "America has the strongest military in the world". Old Joe seems to think we're facing off against a People's Army armed with bamboo spears. Sure we have a dozen 100 billion dollar super carriers but China has been building thousands of hyper-sonic ship killer missiles that the USNavy has zero defense against.

You can compare this to the French armored calvary at the Battle of Azincourt in 1415. Expensive and invincible calvary ran up against the cheap simple English long bow and was cut to pieces. If you don't know history, you are doomed to repeat it. Joe wants his turn as President and willing to say anything to get it.