Saturday, April 13, 2019

They can't go anywhere, they don't have golf carts

It's comes as no surprise that Trump tried to hatch a scheme to dump asylum seekers into the congressional districts of his political enemies. Supposedly it was rejected as illegal, more likely they just couldn't figure out how to do it without getting caught. 

After this story became public, officials claimed it was considered and discarded but Trump immediately tweeted that he was still considering it. One big flaw in Trump's revenge strategy is that after they dump the people in one city there's absolutely nothing to keep them leaving. They have shown a willingness to walk a thousand miles to get here while Trump drives his golf cart onto the green to avoid a couple of steps.

An Appeals Court temporarily lifted a ban on Trump's scheme to force asylum seekers to rot in Mexico while awaiting a hearing. A full hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

From the Golden Age of Television to Pee Pee tapes in Moscow, a very brief history.

Today's $64,000 question: what disgraced quiz show contestant died this week at the age of 93? You'll need to be fed the answer, Charles Van Doren. He wasn't caught exactly, his performance while too good to be true was convincing. The problem was that the producers were doing this constantly and while Van Doren was getting the modern equivalent of millions the rest were getting chump change and someone blabbed. 

Van Doren lied to a grand jury as did many others before the scheme was exposed completely. He's best know for his appearance before Congress in 1959 where he spilled all, televised of course. Today they could have called what he did a reality show and the shenanigans would have been no problem. Trump parlayed his totally fabricated persona as a billionaire on reality tv into being POTUS aka a hand-puppet for Russia. This is why Trump won't release his taxes he's probably not even a millionaire let alone a self-made billionaire. It's not the risk being exposed as a criminal or a traitor that concerns him, it's the humiliation of being poor.

The Grand Orange has an older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, who has just retired as a federal appeals judge. Her sudden dash for the door from a lifetime appointment ends a judicial inquiry into the crooked tax schemes that the Trump family engaged in settling the estate of their father Fred Trump. Donald had been looting his father's assets and this scheme was probably his way of paying off his siblings. The statute of limitations maybe expired  on criminal charges in the matter but civil action from tax authorities may still be in the offing. 

Apparently AG Barr doesn't feel totally secure in his position with the Orange Queen of Hearts regularly demanding "off with their heads". Under questioning before a Congressional committee he hemmed and hawed for an excruciating period before stating he believes that Trump was spied on during the campaign. This is a favorite conspiracy theory of Trump's and Barr later walked it back off-camera presumably hoping Trump either won't see that or will just ignore his lack of fealty in his orangegasmic state over having this nonsense mouthed for him in public. Trump seems particularly desperate to muddy the water around the investigation into his treason, he says he doesn't know what's in the Mueller report but really, he lived it, he knows the pee-pee tape with the Russian hookers will come out.

Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange's arrest is so far unrelated to Trump's Treason but it's been known for some time that Mueller wants to question him. His best shot at not dying in a Federal Prison would be making a deal with Mueller but it's hard to see him having a smoking gun unless the Russians have been really sloppy. We'll have to wait and see what Moose and Squirrel come up with. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The is no law, there is no history.

In the Orange Realm, Trump says, "the only one running the DHS is me", to him the rule of law simply doesn't matter. In his world "there is no law", that's his latest declaration about releasing his tax returns which is true in the campaign but he's not being asked to release his returns. The IRS is being ordered to hand over them over to the appropriate committees in Congress per a 1924 law written in response to the Tea Pot Dome scandal.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Mar-a-Lago is a funny name for a sieve

Officials were downplaying the Mar-a-Lago security breech as perhaps nothing but Chinese hustlers selling non-existent access to Chinese business people. Turns out the Chinese agent had a bag full of super sophisticated electronics including a device to detect hidden cameras. 

The very stable genius is trying to pack the Federal Reserve Board with sycophants like Herman Caine but Trump apparently doesn't understand how a calendar works. The seven positions are held for fourteen years regardless of when a seat is filled. An opening only occurs naturally every two years, there just happens to be two open seats right now. While another of the terms expires in 2020, the rest of the Board will be there long after Trump. Of course he's probably still harboring the delusion that he can fire the ones he doesn't like.

Monday, April 8, 2019

How to build a despotic regime 101: An entry level course for tyrants

It's hard to believe that demonstrating a willingness to lock kids in cages isn't sufficient to stay on as one of Trump's henchmen (hench-person would be more appropriate but seems wrong somehow). Kirstjen Nielsen wasn't the only one to go at Homeland Security as Trump is mounting a full on purge of anyone connected to John Kelly the former Sec. 

His Orangeness gave the axe to several officials including the dept's general counsel, that would be the lawyer who keeps pointing out that Trump's policies are illegal and pose a risk of prosecution for those who are 'just following orders'.

The head of the Secret Service (also part of DHS) was shown the door over the Chinese agent arrested at Mar-a-Lago. It's doubtful that it was really because of the breach of security but more likely the director told the Orange Tiger Woods that they've been warning him since day one that spending his time a a facility that cannot be secured is really dumb. Of course Boss Orange can't rake in millions on every trip if he goes to Camp David like past Presidents. 

Trump is steadily creating an administration headed by people who didn't receive Senate confirmation. He actually withdrew his nominee to head ICE apparently because the shine on his jack boots didn't meet with his standard, he wants someone "tougher". Trump even purged the one remaining Deputy Director because under the law as a Senate confirmed officer she would assume the Secretary's job and Trump really hates following the law.

It's hard to say what's really going on in the fruit salad Trump has between his ears but this is no way to run a salad bar.