Monday, June 17, 2019

Deep State to the Rescue

It has come to light that US military has been screwing with the Russian power grid. This was apparently a yuge surprise to Commander in Chief Bone Spurs who accused the "failing NY Times" of treason for reporting it. You need to translate that from Trumpeze to understand that when the Orange Egotist says "treason" he means against him not against the United States which he could care less about.

Nobody in the intelligence establishment is upset with the revelation that they've been actively going after the Russians probably because they want to make sure they know it was the US and not China. 

Trump is spitting Big Mac chunks all over the Oval Office because this makes him look bad to his handlers in Moscow. Intelligence officials are making it clear that they're operating behind the Leaker in Chief's back because they know he'd either stop them or report it directly to Putin. Trump's biggest concern with Putin's reaction to this that this could make the Russian's withdraw their support for Republicans in the next election. 

Ironically this is actually an example of the "deep state", the real meaning of the phrase comes from Turkey where the military and government bureaucrats have been keeping religious fanatics out of power since they became a democracy. The way Trump uses 'deep state' is to describe law enforcement and counter intelligence agencies whose job it is to keep crooks and spies out of our government. 

Now a line has been crossed into actual sedition where they are acting against the Commander in Chief's obvious wishes, perhaps even acting in violation of the law. All though it's certainly possible that Putin's lap dog signed the order without reading it. 

Unlike the anonymous functionaries in the White House who told us they were thwarting Trump's worst inclinations while preserving the things they wanted like tax cuts for the rich, the people behind this are risking everything to protect us from a hostile foreign power and its operative in the White House. We'll probably never know who they were. They know that this isn't the sort of thing you get a medal for, just an anonymous star on the wall at CIA headquarters if you're caught.