Friday, May 10, 2019

Raise the Threat Level to Orange, a stupid dangerous shade of orange

Trump isn't as stupid as he lets on or more likely he's taking advice from someone who isn't. Corrupt, deceitful, bloodthirsty and cruel, Trump's kind of guy. 

Trump is ignoring North Korea, no profit there but Venezuela, Libya and Iran, all have oil and they're getting the same Axis of Evil treatment that Bush used to run oil up from $18 to $140 a barrel. You'd think he'd be afraid to anger his base by driving up the price of gas and with it the price of 'hamberders' but he'll blame it on The Green New Deal and the brain dead fools will eat it with a spoon. 

Trump really likes the idea of starting a war with Iran, it's good to be a war President, it gets you into the history books but this is fraught with danger, since they aren't Iraq. They're one united people unlike the fractured Iraq and they're experienced with bloody warfare having fought Iraq at great cost.

Plus this could pretty easily turn into a real shooting war with their major oil buyer China and China has 21st century weapons instead of 1960s Soviet surplus equipment like Iraq. Our own military can't function without high tech Chinese parts and while our DARPA labs do reverse engineer the computer chips we buy from them looking for back doors, there is no real certainty we've found them all. 

If China was only to supply Iran with ship killer missiles and modern anti-aircraft systems it would be a short costly war for the US.  Would Trump accept the bloody nose of losing a couple of aircraft carriers and heed demands that he step down from office or would he test his access to the nuclear codes? Maybe he would just go for martial law, there could be elements of the military that would be just fine with that.

You can buy a modern Geiger counter pretty cheap, it might be something to keep with the canned goods. This is assuming that you don't get rounded up by ICE, it is what they train for.