Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Who is the new Trump whisper?

Trump did a sudden about face on all his new "policy" positions on ObamaCare, the border shutdown etc and is instead intent on mocking poor old uncle Joe about his touching the women. He seems to forget we have the Orange Groper on tape. 

It's been reported that Trump's acting Chief of Staff is the one who originally told him to take these politically awkward positions, so who's telling him to reverse them? Turtle Man in the Senate seems to be taking credit but Trump has never listened to him before. I guess we'll have to wait for the next WH leak to find out.

Trump's obsession over reversing all things Obama ran into a major snag in the person of a Federal Judge in Alaska that has blocked Trump's executive order reversing Obama's expansion of National Monuments and Wildlife Preserves. It seems that the law allowing Presidents to preserve nature has a provision forbidding future Presidents from undoing it. Only Congress can undo the preservation order. Too bad they didn't notice this provision in the law while the Republicans controlled Congress but reading the law is not a Trump thing.