Monday, April 15, 2019

The enemy within or "Hey this soap seems to be a stone?"

Bernie Sanders has sent a scathing letter to members of the board of the so-called liberal think tank Center for American Progress. He's objecting to CAP pushing a smear campaign against Sanders that focuses on the idea that he makes too much money writing books to be a lefty.

CAP never said a word about the hundreds of millions the Clintons have taken in from so-called speaking fees after delivering media consolidation, Wall St deregulation, free-trade and other give aways to the super rich that must have made Reagan smile down in hell. Their money comes from Clinton devotees with the moniker billionaire attached to their names.

Would we be better off if Clinton had won the election? No question we'd have less truly crazy nonsense going on but the GOP would still have both houses of Congress insuring that we wouldn't really be better off now or in the future. Not that the conserva-dems would ever fix the damage the Clintons did. They're real good at keeping any real conversation about it from even taking place.

We need to be aware that our real enemies are not just the crazy conservatives but the people calling themselves liberal who in fact work for the billionaires as well. They're even more dangerous than the GOP clown car because almost half of Democrats think they're our saviors. This way to the showers folks.