Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sleepy Joe vs the Orange Nazi

Sleepy Joe as the Orange Disaster called him this morning on twitter is officially running for the Democratic nomination. He set about establishing his liberal bona fides immediately by pointing out that Trump thinks Nazis are "fine people". The people whose votes he's courting at the moment already knew that but it did get him a few seconds on the news.

A couple of weeks ago Joe managed to get on the news with a supposed slip of the tongue saying that he's, "the most progressive Democrat running". The big news was supposedly that he let slip he's running, nobody noticed that he claimed he's a progressive. That of course was a big fat lie. Trump is every bit as progressive as Joe, that is not at all. 

Biden was an active and enthusiastic participant in the corporate dems dismantling of the American middle class. The Bankruptcy reform that made it impossible to write off student loans was his baby. Student loans have shot past credit cards and auto loans to $1.55 trillion and climbing fast as the student share of education balloons and wages after graduation fizzle despite the good economy. 

Obama-Biden policies moving student loans directly under the jurisdiction of the Dept of Education didn't really cut out the banks from making loans at a tidy profit but created a new profit center of private loan servicing companies that make examples out of scofflaws by sending Federal Marshals to arrest them and haul them before a special judge to be further threatened. A six percent Federally guaranteed return $1.55 trillion plus all the fees they can generate makes doing anything productive seem like a total waste of time.

Biden was involved in every bad policy to which Dems have been a party since Bill Clinton banished the Progressives to the wilderness. Trump was able to beat Hillary because he could tie her directly to the decline of the middle class and he'll have an even better case against Biden who was a full participant. Hillary went from co-president to a simple first lady when anyone pointed out just how awful the things Bill Clinton pushed through really were. 

Hillary only started calling herself a progressive after it was obvious Bernie was beating her. Biden hasn't missed a beat in picking up the progressive mantle. It's about as disgusting as watching Republicans wrapping themselves in the Flag. Biden has been signaling to the big donors that they need to really pony up in the first 24 hours to match Bernie's war chest. Time to send Bernie another ten spot. There are thousands of corporate Dems but there are tens of millions of us. where the disgust is shared freely but bring your own canned goods.