Monday, April 8, 2019

How to build a despotic regime 101: An entry level course for tyrants

It's hard to believe that demonstrating a willingness to lock kids in cages isn't sufficient to stay on as one of Trump's henchmen (hench-person would be more appropriate but seems wrong somehow). Kirstjen Nielsen wasn't the only one to go at Homeland Security as Trump is mounting a full on purge of anyone connected to John Kelly the former Sec. 

His Orangeness gave the axe to several officials including the dept's general counsel, that would be the lawyer who keeps pointing out that Trump's policies are illegal and pose a risk of prosecution for those who are 'just following orders'.

The head of the Secret Service (also part of DHS) was shown the door over the Chinese agent arrested at Mar-a-Lago. It's doubtful that it was really because of the breach of security but more likely the director told the Orange Tiger Woods that they've been warning him since day one that spending his time a a facility that cannot be secured is really dumb. Of course Boss Orange can't rake in millions on every trip if he goes to Camp David like past Presidents. 

Trump is steadily creating an administration headed by people who didn't receive Senate confirmation. He actually withdrew his nominee to head ICE apparently because the shine on his jack boots didn't meet with his standard, he wants someone "tougher". Trump even purged the one remaining Deputy Director because under the law as a Senate confirmed officer she would assume the Secretary's job and Trump really hates following the law.

It's hard to say what's really going on in the fruit salad Trump has between his ears but this is no way to run a salad bar.