Monday, April 22, 2019

For a Russian spy her involvement with the Yuge Rotten Orange will get her time wearing orange

The Feds are recommending 18 months in prison for the only Russian spy arrested in the ongoing Orange Treason Scandal. They submitted in evidence to the sentencing Judge a note that Maria Butina wrote to her handlers in Moscow detailing the advantages of putting resources into an 'unnamed' Presidential campaign and into conservative groups like the NRA.

Butina's American boyfriend (whom she complained about to in her reports to Moscow) was a mid-level Republican operative that has been indicted for basically swindling little old ladies is responsible for at least one person placed in the WH as an aide to General Micheal Flynn who was indicted in his own right and still cooperating. Flynn's sentencing Judge wondered out loud after seeing the sealed information in his case if the prosecutors had considered charging him with Treason. The Judge told him to go back and cooperate some more because he wasn't inclined to accede to the prosecution's call for leniency in his case.

It appears that the NRA funneled as much as 70 million dollars in Russian money into the 2016 election (30 million to Trump alone) which might explain why high ranking GOP members of Congress are sticking with Trump, they're all dirty. Trump changed FEC regulations to exempt the NRA from revealing where their money comes from the day after the Russian/NRA story broke, this won't stop the FBI from investigating.

There are 14 ongoing investigations redacted in the Mueller Report, this probably doesn't include investigations that weren't referred by Mueller directly. When the FBI kicks over a log they're free to chase anything that runs. Trump's log is yuge and very rotten.

Trump's Monday morning tweets indicate he really feels the noose tightening. Spouting that he can't be impeached and his enemies are the real wrong doers. This includes his own lawyers who he claims fabricated their notes to make him look guilty. Mueller reported ten instances where Trump ordered his staff to commit obstruction of justice and they refused. The rightwing defense that their refusal exonerates him. Endeavoring to commit obstruction is the same as doing so under the law. The only defense is that Trump is too incompetent to hold the highest office in the land. Impeachment is the only course of action either way.