Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Believing your own propaganda

When I hear about some of the really stupid things that Republicans do I often think about a point that was used to illustrate the calamitous Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union in 1939-40. Even though they were marching into Finland in November the Russian soldiers lightened their packs by leaving their long johns behind. This was because they were conditioned by Soviet propaganda to think that they wouldn't face any resistance, expected to be greeted as liberators and welcomed to spend the winter in front of the fire. Much the way Republicans said the Iraqis would greet the US with flowers and chocolates. 

You might think Trump would know better, after all he's been nothing but a huckster his entire life. His appointments to cabinet positions and the courts usually make sense from a rightwing hack point of view. Appointing as AG the man that arranged the pardons for everyone involved in the Iran-Contra Treason scandal and thereby keeping Bush the elder from dying in prison makes sense from somebody who was looking at a long walk to the gallows himself.

Some of Trump's cabinet choices are obviously dictated by the unwillingness of anyone with a reputation to work for him but now he's extended this to the Federal Reserve Board that's typically populated by people that the bankers pick. Stephan Moore is well known as the Heritage Foundation (Koch Brothers) economist that always says the opposite of Democrats no matter how stupid he sounds doing it. He's been consistently wrong but he always told Trump what he wanted to hear about Obama's policies and that's good enough for Trump. Never mind that Trump is taking credit for Obama's successes, he's sure things will be twice as good if he simply reverses all Obama's policies. 

This brings us to the latest assault on ObamaCare, Trump just can't help himself. A far right Judge in Texas with his gavel up his ass ruled the whole thing null and void and now suddenly Trump is refusing to defend the law on appeal to a far right appeals court. At first blush it seems like he's still clinging to the fantasy that the Republicans have an actual alternative, of course what's really driving his recklessness is that John McCain literally got up off his death bed to vote against Trump on this.

Trump handed the House to the Democrats in 2018 and you might think he's handing the Senate and White House to them now but we need to survive the chaos Trump is creating in the mean time. If he does collapse the economy before the election he not only won't be inclined to do anything useful about it. Worse he'll probably use it as an excuse to live out his tyrannical fantasies and things could really get out of hand fast. Don't forget to rotate your canned goods.