Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence from the Corporation Day - Learn from history or be doomed to undo it.

On July 4th we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from the British Crown. More accurately we celebrate our defiance of the corporation that the King of England held a lot of shares in, The British East India Company.

The Boston Tea Party, contrary to what conservatives will tell you, was not about the colonists being upset over paying taxes but rather they were furious that the Parliament made the British East India Company exempt from all taxes and refunded 2 million pounds silver previously paid in. That's actual pounds of silver which represented far more wealth than the mountain of silver like that would be worth today. 

The East India Company was also granted monopolies on basically anything of value and not just tea, everything from steel shovels to fine men's suits were unavailable without going to the Royal Big Box Store. Yankee traders were treated as smugglers and harassed by the British Navy. American trading ships also brought back stories from the Far East on how colonists were treated by Walmart (I mean the East India Co) in colonies where they were the only game in town. Export quotas were met ahead of feeding the locals and moral was maintained by regular floggings. 

Despite all of these grievances, not all Americans were united in opposition. The Tories, we'd call them conservatives, were loyal to their God's chosen King, his Peers and their corporate representatives. After all their own God All Mighty had not only chosen them to rule but the proof was in their wealth or God's blessings bestowed upon them. Anyone who was poor was lazy or cursed by God. And slaves were given black skin to denote their poor standing with God. Native Americans were a bit more complicated, they just didn't make good slaves, but were an excellent source of game and furs. Until White men needed their lands of course.  

Modern conservatives lay claim to patriotism by taking credit for a revolution their forefathers actively opposed on the same basis they oppose a liberal values today. What conservatives really did during the Revolutionary War was harass the families of liberals who were off fighting, they jailed them, burned their houses and drove them into the forest to die. Ten percent of the American population died during the war and most were from things that conservatives did.

Of course few conservatives actually put on British uniforms, there wasn't any draft so no need to get your barber to write a parchment saying that you had bone spurs. While you celebrate Independence Day keep in mind that it's not something conservatives gave us, it's something that they're actively taking away.