Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Attention all commands this is not a drill, we are at DEF CON ONE - Commanders are free to launch weapons in accordance with their targeting instructions. 

"This has to be a drill, we were at DEF CON FIVE."

"No sir, the codes match."

"Fuck me..."

How close are we to this situation? Probably not as close as Donald Trump wants to be. Trump started by sending out a couple of tweets congratulating himself on totally rebuilding our nuclear weapons system. He of course has done no such thing. He's probably only vaguely aware that Obama initiated an overhaul of weapons systems dating from the 1970s. 

Trump must of thought he'd scare the fermented cabbage out of the North Koreans with his "fire and fury" threat that White House insiders are saying was totally improvised. The talking point sheet on the table in front of him was for the opiates crisis. 

Instead of responding to Trump with the usual crazy rhetoric North Korea named a specific target. An isolated strategic US military base on an island called Guam. This is a definite calculated escalation on the part of the Chinese, errr, I mean North Korea. You need to ask yourself who is really in charge and what are they playing at?

When he was giving his ultimatum Trump himself seemed to be acting totally out of frustration. Body language experts say that the way he had his arms wrapped tightly around himself indicated that he feels really boxed in and unable to act. Did he try to order some sort of military action and his Joint Chiefs simply tell him no? Is the Vice President threatening to remove him from office for incompetence? The other people in the room including his wife all reacted with what is called 'dog face', a totally frozen look intended to not betray any emotion. Don't look him in the eye, he could bite. 

The People's Republic of China or some part of it, is up to their eye balls in what's happening in North Korea. These new missiles are way beyond the technical capability of the Hermit Kingdom. The missiles look exactly like China's. The mobile launchers are of a modern design straight out of China and not an old Soviet livestock truck the North Koreans got for free back in the 1960s. They can't even build the trucks and they sure aren't building 21st century missiles. 

One thing you need to understand about China's military is that they don't take orders from their Comrade President. He's not really a President in any real sense of the word but the chairman of a committee that represents the various factions that share power. This doesn't mean they've gone rogue either. What we know for sure about China is that we don't know much for sure. 

If China can provoke Trump into doing something truly stupid in Korea it's not likely that China will rain nukes down on us in return. More likely the container ships will simply stop coming. In a couple of weeks the US won't have an economy anymore and the rest of the world won't care, we'll be the Hermit Kingdom. The US will have no choice but to accept the end of its empire with a whimper. How many yuan for a can of beans?