Friday, March 4, 2016

Riding Crops and Jack Boots aren't just for Sex Dungeons anymore

Ho hum, another month, another quarter million new jobs. Obama's job creation streak is a new record by what, a year? You don't hear that on the news, and if it's talked about at all the Conservatives always say, 'but they're low paying jobs'. No actually they're replacing the same jobs lost by Bush, most pay pretty good. Of course the definition of 'pretty good' has been changing. 

The median wage of hourly workers is a little over $22/hour, meaning half of Americans make less than that. The problem is that by 1968 standards $22/hour should be the minimum wage, you know like the kid slinging burgers was making at the Golden Arches while the latest Beatles hit played on the AM radio. 

In 1968 we still ran a Trade Surplus, you know like China does now to the tune of $700 billion/year. We still had tariffs then like China does now, we'd had them from 1790. It was no secret in 1968 that the US oil shortage was a problem, in five years it would be a huge problem. Solar technology had been developed 50 years before, but no one that could understand the math was listened to. Jimmy Carter would make some inroads into people's thinking but Reagan would erase that. 

Today China adds more solar production each year than the US has built to this point in history. China pretty much does more of everything in a year than the US ever has.  It's to be expected, the US is a third world country. Okay the US is really populated by 300 million temporarily embarrassed millionaires. Or do you subtract the 47% who don't pay income taxes from that number because they're just lazy? Yeah, that guy is back and bashing Trump. 

You have to wonder why Trump scares the crap out of the Republicans? It's not the fascism, they're all cool with that, they could bring the Jack Boots and riding crops out from their Sex Dungeons.

Trump keeps saying Populist things like 35% tariffs, that's what scares them. He might turnout to be some sort of class traitor like FDR. Too bad Trump is so fucking crazy. Oh wait, we could all just vote for Bernie, he scares them even more.  

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Conservative Liberals and their love of Reaganomics

Those of us of certain age remember well the Reagan Democrats, mostly white guys with union cards who thought Reagan would be better at running the economy in their best interest. He'd cut their taxes, crack down on Welfare Queens, bring back the good old days, all that.   

Today we've got the liberal establishment that want the good old days of the Clinton Administration back and would prefer that those pesky Progressives stop rocking the boat. There are Republicans circling in the water after all. (be afraid, be very afraid) 

It's hard for them to actually criticize Progressive goals, it's always what they say they want for everyone, but like Reagan Democrats they seem to only want these things for themselves and just choose to believe that things can't be changed. They keep trying to knock down the standard bearer but that turned out to be harder than they thought, so mostly they've been concentrating on disparaging his supporters for refusing to listen to them and saying mean things. 

For the past week or so the big push has been to discredit Progressive economics as simply pie in the sky nonsense. An independent economist reviewed the Sanders plan & calculates that it would produce better than 5% growth in GDP. This has made certain so-called liberal economists gnash their teeth & pull out their hair. At least this is the story the NY Times is pushing and their resident economist Paul Krugman is dutifully agreeing with their editorial assessment. I always wondered about somethings Krugman would say, now I know.

Not that any of these so-called liberal economists have made any actual analysis Bernie's plan themselves. The gist of the ridicule they heap on Bernie revolves around the fact that they've been saying since the early 90s that this level of growth is impossible. With Reaganomics in full effect it has been. They compare it to Jeb Bush's ridiculous claims that he could guarantee 4% annual growth based solely on more tax cuts for the rich & because he had 4% growth as Governor of Florida during his brother's housing bubble. 

I would think liberals could see the difference between the Republican's schemes to capture more of our wealth by funneling money to themselves and a comprehensive plan to actually do again the things that built this country. I guess it's hard to tell the difference if you're being paid not to see it. 

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