Friday, November 6, 2015

Keystone is dead and the economy is off and running.

There were 271,000 new jobs created in October and the unemployment rate remains at 5%. Low gasoline prices have been driving up consumer spending and creating jobs. Obama has driven a stake through the heart of Keystone XL pipeline ensuring that oil from the northern tier states will continue to stay in the US instead being exported and that will keep the price down.

Right wing pundits have be saying that low gas prices don't translate into increased consumer spending, but an extensive study by JP Morgan Chase shows that the average consumer is spending 80% of what they save on gas. This translates into billions of dollars that actually goes into an increase in demand for goods and services which is where jobs actually come from. Conservatives continue to sputter about Supply Side job creation, those are what they call the job creators, even though this economic theory was first debunked nearly a century ago.

The death rate of middle aged Americans is up significantly, this is of course directly caused by the GOP war on the Middle Class. Russia experienced the exact same thing after the Soviet Union collapsed leaving the Oligarchs in charge. The numbers aren't anywhere near as bad here, but only because Obama has been able to hold the US oligarchs at bay for now.

Based on the 'runaway' growth of the US economy the Federal Reserve is hinting that they may start raising interest rates. Contrary to the Right Wing crazies bloviations, Obama doesn't control the Fed, he dis appoint the Chair, but she doesn't have any real say about interest rates. Those are set by a board of made up of bankers, and they're just been itching to raise rates from the first month with a increase in jobs. The only thing slowing them down is a practice of transparency started by Ben Bernanke and continued by his protege Janet Yellen. The weasels aren't willing to eat the chickens if everyone knows who exactly is doing it.

China has run out of storage space for oil and they're still buying oil to build up reserves, so the sea of oil we're swimming in is going to suddenly get much deeper when they let up on purchases and that will drive the oil price even lower.

The Rightwing crazies thought the economic Armageddon they've been jonesing for on Obama's watch had come because China has been "dumping" US debt and surprise, no one cares. There is plenty of demand for US debt and as economy improves that demand will only increase while the need for debt will continue to decline.

Predictions that China's economy is collapsing need to be contrasted with the fact China has just launched a yuan based worldwide payment system. Anyone doing business with China can simply use yuans and avoid the Money Changers down at the Temple that prefer make you convert back and forth to USD or Euros or whatever.  

Walmart has been forced to remove "Made in USA" logos from its websites, it seems China isn't a US state, who knew?

Twitter @BruceEnberg - I checked the map, there really isn't a US state called China. I guess that explains all the boarded up factories.


Anonymous said...

Good to here from Praire2 again. Two pieces of wisdom from the Reverend Al Sharpton: Poverty is not a normal human condition and The way trickle down works is they keep the trickle and we get the down.