Monday, July 13, 2015

The weekly Greek crisis.

We're approaching a final showdown on the Greek/Euro crisis, of course we have one of those every week. The rhetoric in press is really heating up as their past attempts to force a collapse of the Greek government have so far failed. The Greek people spoke resoundly in their referendum that they don't want to be slaves to bankers, so now the rumor being spread is that their government made no plans about what to do if they actually won the referendum. Supposedly the Greek PM has now accepted worse terms than they were offered before the public voted. I can't count how many times in the past this a similar claim has been made in the media.

A bit of reality. Most of the so-called bailout loans from the europeans have gone to pay europeans holding Greek debt and not to actually keep Greece going. Greece has already accepted far more austerity than they should have to balance their budget, so in reality they're not that dependent on more loans to keep going. As long as Greece doesn't feed the parasitic bankers it can actually do okay.

Greece is not a failed state, it can collect most of the taxes due and it still has an economy. Greece has currency controls in place to keep the bad guys from simply draining all the euros from its banks.

Even if Greece isn't in a position to print drachmas right away it could easily begin issuing IOUs to pay its bills. These would begin trading on the open market for euros to maintain Greece's currency needs at what ever discount rate someone is willing to pay for them. These IOUs would become a defacto currency with a flexible exchange rate. A separate 'currency' for trade would make Greek exports far more competitive and grow its economy. This is the only solution that can work. Simple math requires that austerity measures will always shrink the economy by a greater amount than the austerity 'saves'.

A long term solution depends on whether Germany is really determined to make Greece suffer as a demonstration of the power wielded by the Aryan Master Race, (oops, I meant "the hard working German tax payer"). Greece is really insignificant to the euro, but the bankers have been pulling the same con on several much larger countries that are watching how this plays out.

The Gold Bugs are beside themselves that the Greek Crisis hasn't caused that huge spike in gold prices they've been waiting for ever since the price tanked a couple of years ago. There's even talk that this is the end for gold as a hedge. I've always wondered why I keep hearing the slogan, "Obama has debased the dollar" from Conservatives. The dollar is at its strongest in 20 years and inflation is nonexistent. It took a long time before I found one of them that could actually explain their talking point. They think the dollar is debased because the price of gold went down. Yeah, gold 'buys' fewer dollars so they think Obama is suppressing the price of gold. They of course have no explanation for how Obama is doing this. According to the Gold Bugs you should buy lots of gold because it is above all government influence, that is until the crazy claims they make about gold turn out to not be true, then as with all things, it's Obama's fault.

Twitter @BruceEnberg - oil prices keep falling which will likely bring back $2.00 gasoline by Labor Day, the one thing Conservatives won't blame Obama for.


Anonymous said...

Conservative Gold Bugs are are disciples of Glen Beck who conned the knuckle dragging dead-enders to stock up on gold because the black man in the White House was a secret muslim terrorist who would destroy the American economy and bring on the end times for Jesus' return. He even sold them the gold at inflated prices that made Mr. Beck so very-very rich.

Dark Lady said...

Sharing massive. I can never address anything w/out sounding like a left wing nut. Nice job, Bruce. As always.

Anonymous said...

I love your info. Please write more often. Though I'm sure your busy like the rest of us, working more like the repubs want us to and being able to retire after we drop dead from exhaustion or old age.