Thursday, July 3, 2014


I had a right wing troll try to get me to publish a link to an anti-science global-warming-is-a-hoax website. He sent me a comment filled with much flattery and intimating that he too was fighting the good fight. He included a link to what at first blush looks like a green website. I guess it didn't occur to him that I'd actually read any of it since Conservatives aren't big on research. Why do these right wing pricks like Ed have to waste my time?


Anonymous said...

These people even though they obtained a good education are cluless to history even their own recent statments. Dick Cheney, Paul Wolflewitz, Donald Rumsfield, etal. contradicted their own positions over the years about events in Iraq. They take positions supporting Bush 1 in 1991. In 2003 they reverse their positions for bush 2. Then they are the go to "experts" when Obama inherits the Iraq mess created by these "experts" they forget everything they experienced. That explains the confusion expressed by the Rumsfield statement; "there are known knowns, and there are known unknowns, but there are always unknown unknowns". They are dealing with the last sequence all of the time.