Saturday, May 17, 2014

Fox Newspeak or how to talk like it's 1984

Today's useful phrase from Fox Newspeak is Free Market. To use this expression properly you must subscribe to the notion that government is BAD, BAD, BAD and no BAD can exist in the absence of government. The True Believer that advocates for this actually thinks that he'll no longer be powerless individual once government is removed from the equation.

In the Free Market all transactions will be fair and competitive, and should a 'bad actor' appear he will be dealt with by the Free Market. If a corporation's product should kill a bunch of people the Free Market will correct this situation, since the dead people will no longer buy that product. The same people who advocate for Free Market also advocate for Tort Reform, that is you can't sue a corporation for damages, but they can sue you for libel if you tell anyone that they killed your family.

Some believers claim that in a Free Market the corporations would create some sort of third party business that would guarantee that the products being sold were safe. Of course their only possible revenue stream would be from the corporations, so guess who they would be working for. BBB has been caught repeatedly selling its stamp of approval to charlatans, and we don't even live in a Free Market.

There is no end to the mental machinations the True Believers will go through to create a scenario where this would be good thing for consumers. They choose to be totally unaware of the history of the gilded age that led to the government regulation of business.


Dave said...

Except for a few folks for whom reality is a fluid and elusive thing, there aren't, I believe, any Free Market believers. Rather there are Free Market liars.

When the whole free market and trickle down ideas were proposed, it was known these policies would screw people who work for a living. That was the intent.

The question becomes why would anyone think that stripping wealth and power away from working people is a good idea. Could it be that it's fun to knock people down and kick them mercilessly while they're on the ground slowly dying? Perhaps there's some less sick thinking going on as well but that's not the point.

We don't have to accept the current situation as inevitable. Here's a silly idea: Not only could we use government to combat inequality but you and I could actually show up to our democratic processes and shape what that government looks like. Never mind what the Koch brothers are doing. What are we doing?

Anonymous said...

The free market sets the minumum wage by employing 12 year old kids woking them 72 hour per week for 30 cents per hour. Then shipping the products to the US at or near the retail price and keeping the profit in banks in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Utz Switzerland. When one hears commercials for "logistics" produced by BDO, Bain Capital, UPS,etc. This is what they are talking about. Then the employees distributing and retailing the imported products do not add any value to the products and are looked upon as a cost lowering the bottom line and only deserve poverty wages like their counter parts overseas.