Friday, April 4, 2014

The House always wins (if Conservatives run the game)

New unemployment claims were up for past week, but not enough to advance the 4 week moving average, which has been at an acceptable level for our current Depressed economy. This was reflected by 192,000 new jobs reported by business in March. We don't know yet how the reforms of the ACA or ObamaCare are affecting the job statistics. Since the Act makes it far easier for people to change jobs, as they are no longer slaves to the 'pre-existing condition' trap corporations have been using on them for decades. In this case the House no longer wins.

It's also likely the more people are starting their business with the availability of insurance now guaranteed and this won't show up in the employment statistics right away. Initially it will probably hurt the numbers rather than help with a surge of older workers now able to retire prior to the Medicare age of 65. In the long run this will actually benefit the Medicare system as fewer workers will come into it not having been worked nearly to death by the need to keep corporate coverage. The odds of you not cashing in your chips before actually enjoying your golden years will increase substantially. Like playing single deck Black Jack. It also opens up jobs for younger workers, win - win.

Government employment remained largely unchanged in March as the 9000 fewer Federal jobs were mostly offset by 8000 new local government jobs, excluding education. There are 85,000 fewer Federal workers than one year ago which puts the lie to the right wing talking point claiming that Obama is exploding the size of government. This fact gets no coverage by the 'normal' corporate media & Fox and it's ilk continue to tell the outright lie. They're not even likely to be corrected on the Sunday talk shows when they tell this lie unless Paul Krugman is on the panel, but he isn't on that much. A truly competent person is rarely the one Liberal guest that they put on opposite three rabid Conservatives. This is not surprising considering Conservatives control all the media, so 3 to 1 odds against should be expected to be in the House's favor. The House always wins.

The new jobs were spread over several sectors excluding manufacturing which continues to push jobs overseas. In theory, the few patriotic American manufacturers can get relief from unfair trade practices attacking US companies that would otherwise be competitive with imports. They can do this by filing a complaint that eventually ends up on the President's desk for action. Obama to his credit doesn't simply ignore them like Bush did. Still, this has become a pointless exercise because you can only bring a complaint once you can show real damage with the loss of jobs and plant closings. The multinational companies then simply switch production from that country to another country once a complaint has been decided in the US companies favor. So the rigged game is that you can't complain until your business is gone, and the 'comp'ted breakfast' you receive, I mean the 'tariff relief' that you are awarded won't protect you from the very same company operating in another country doing the same thing to you again. The House always wins.

From the 'how to really screw people while pretending to be socially responsible' file. In most casinos you cannot buy chips with your credit card, something anti-gambling advocates favor. This ban is however a really just a contractual arrangement between Casinos and credit card companies. ATMs are always readily available to their customers and will dispense cash from those very same credit cards. The advantage to the casino is that they don't pay the customary transaction percentage to the credit card companies, instead the 'casino sucker', I mean the 'responsible gambler', pays an ATM fee. The casino likely gets a significant cut from which ever major credit card bank that they allow to place the ATM machines in their lobby. The House always wins.

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Anonymous said...

Bruce, I am one of the minimum wage insurance slaves you speak of. I have been liberated by the ACA to concentrate full time on my on 4 year old business now that I can buy insurance for my daughter and myself. I live in a red state that hates Ocare. When I tell folks of my liberation they can't believe it. It has never occurred to them the potential power the ACA has unleashed. You are the only commentator I know that see this potential. Good thinking! ACA has set me free. It's about time the gov bailed me out for a change. Love your posts. NB

Anonymous said...

Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia refused to take the ACA Medicaid Expansion. His hospitals are swamped with indigent patients who get medical treatment from Georgia's hospital emergency rooms. Three of the states hospitals have gone belly-up and closed an more are to follow. His solution, repeal the 1986 Emergency Treatment and Stabalation and Women in Labor Act. Now I uderstand why Supreme Court Justice Anton Scalia mentioned the repeal of this Act in an answer to the US Solicitor General during oral arguments concerning the constitutionality of the ACA. It is the Republican Health Care Plan.

Roman Law said...

Bruce careful about reporting and describing the "good" economic benefits the ACA brings to a considerable segment of the population.

Because this puts you at odds with the majority of corporate owned media's dire warning reports of the impending collapse of Obamacare and the ACA's website sponsored by your locally owned and controlled GOP forked, tongued, trolls.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

Relative to just expanding Medicaid and having Single Payer -- ACA does suck. It just sucks less than the status quo Republicans would leave us with. But it's annoying that Obama negotiates with people who will never compromise, and everything he tries to pass has compromise built in. Dammit -- negotiating 101 is; You have to FORCE THEM to FORCE YOU to make concessions!

And the other thing that I don't look forward to; all new raises in fees by insurance companies and hospital closings will be blamed not the ACA -- just like budget deficits were happily increased every year before a Democrat in office and the advent of "socialism" were blamed.

Also; School's failing will be blamed on the last teacher who is part of the last Teacher's union.

So I can't wait for the normal year over year profit taking by insurance companies to now be an ACA caused new expense. The blather from industry mouthpieces will be unabated.