Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Obama sends troops into former East Bloc countries

a few hundred troops on the ground can do a number things given enough time. They can assess the condition of bridges, landing strips, and such, as well as gauge the local support/security for rapid deployment forces, tank columns, that sort of thing. 

The Russians of course know that is exactly what the US Army is doing. The Soviets, I mean the Russian Republic forces already have this reconnaissance information, although it's decades out of date. 

It's just moving pawns at this point.


Ronmac said...

On the other hand maybe Obama is trying to appease the "War Party" who are salivating for war with Russia, a dream come true.

So he could at least tell them he's "doing something."

Joseph said...

He'd be stupid to not send in recon teams. Whether the "powers"are behind it or not, any one of these little skirmishes could easily lead to real war.