Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Chess Board, A-10 Warthog takes Russian Bear

While the Russian Army has vastly superior troop numbers, the Ukrainians retain  a disproportionate amount of armoured units. An invading Russian force would in theory face withering fire from Ukrainian anti-tank units. Then the problem would be the 100 to 1 advantage in air power that the Russians enjoy. This could be countered with superior NATO aircraft that is just across the border in Poland, thus resulting an a costly military defeat for Putin.  

This scenario isn't going to play out, the Russians aren't stupid. They don't want the Russian bear to be the new rug in the Oval Office. While the right portrays Obama as a feckless idiot, he has in fact used strategic force to great effect throughout his Presidency. The Russians aren't big followers of Fox News, they aren't kidding themselves about what Obama is willing to do. 

Knowing that he can't win an actual confrontation, Putin is showing the Flag and hoping for concessions, specifically he desperately wants to hang onto his warm water ports. He'll get that from Obama, and the Ukraine will become an independent democracy on track to join the EU. Putin will be posing shirtless by a week from Tuesday. Obama will still be the butt of Right Wing traitors's jokes despite his latest victory.  


Anonymous said...

To all the war talkers take this from a Vietnam Vet. Most of you never served in the military. To do war properly as another all out world war which would come about because North Korea would attack the South. Isreal would come under attack. Iran would stop talking and start building nukes. The Russians would send forces to Cuba to attack the southern US. The Draft would be reinstated and would have to take women to get enough eligible candidates. Taxs rates would have to be increased with a top rate of 90% like WWII and Korea. Rations of war material and supplies as well as the nationazation of what is left of our industry. WWII took 2 million soldiers to wage all the campaigns. So what would the Republicans do to wage WWIII?