Wednesday, October 23, 2013

snippets sent to Mike Malloy

It's not fair to include Obama in the 'opposition' to Elizabeth Warren, when the Senate would not confirm her as head of the Consumer Protection Agency, he appointed her as his 'fait accompli' representative to create the CPA, she had carte blanche to write the rules and hand picked everybody who works there now.  

Hey Uncle Mike, when all the racist, slave (want to be) holding, billionaire fantasy, gun nut, White Supremacy Texans gathered at the Alamo the other day, did the legitimate government kill them all in a SWAT Team raid like in 1836?

a Right Wing Nut Job with a gun is not a 'good guy' with a gun, he's a ticking time bomb. Where do the daily headlines about mass shooters come from? They come from Rightwing Hate Radio listeners who want to kill the 'bad guys', except those 'bad guys' are just a Right Wing fantasy. So their swirling brains get to the point where anything one of their "radio heroes" tells them, becomes the target, even if it's really an innocent person.

Given the climate of fear created by Right Wing Hate Radio and echoed by the (more or less) elected government of the Republic of Texas, the baby sitter was reasonably afraid. Doubtless everyone around her was 'packing' and exuding a fog of paranoia coupled with sexual aggression toward women. She's no more and no less responsible for this child's death than Rush Limbaugh and Rick Perry.

"It's time to make the barbecue , if you can't eat your enemies, who can you eat? Eating green wafers made from the random dead people might satisfy your protein cravings, or maybe those fake wafers at church that are supposed to be Jesus satisfy your 'needs'. Are you sure those church wafers aren't the missing Alter boys? Maybe it's really the 11 secret herbs and spices.... 

you know who is the first to be eaten? The guy who has reservations about the menu....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Treason, Sedition or GOP politics as usual, what's in a name?

The September jobs numbers are in two & 1/2 weeks late thanks to the $24b exercise in Sedition. It's called Sedition and not called Treason since no foreign power was involved in the attempted overthrow of the government of the United States, that's if you don't count Ted Cruz as an agent of Imperial Canada. The 148,000 new jobs created last month were more than twice the rate of new workers entering the workforce, and you have workers leaving into retirement at a higher than normal rate with the peak of the Baby Boomers leaving for the rocking chair. This is basically what's pushing down the unemployment rate and not huge numbers of 'discouraged' workers the media likes to talk about. Although a lot of older people would keep working if they could find a decent job. We can't all be overpaid radio talk show personalities in our twilight years.

The best estimate for the economic damage from the right wing Sedition is a 0.25% reduction in GDP or about $40b per year for the foreseeable future, that is until the economy fully recovers from its current slump. The Republicans have already hindered GDP growth by one percentage per year for the three years that they've controlled the House. They are currently cutting output by 3% or about half a trillion dollars each year and the damage continues to build.

All but the most stupid of Republican leaders know that this is the effect that they're having on the economy. You can tell because they create talking points that say the opposite. Liars often don't know when to just keep their mouths shut.

Contrary to the news reports, ObamaCare sign up has been a huge success. They are on track to exceed the half million enrollee goal for October despite all the glitches that are primarily occurring in Red States where the Federal website is having problems interacting with state databases. A total of 500,000 subscribers might not sound like that many out of the 40 million people who need coverage, but enrollment isn't counted until the new policy holder pays their first premium, and the bulk of enrollees have been deferring that first payment until December, so we really don't know how many people have actually signed up. Around Christmas time things are likely to suddenly become very festive around the White House when the enrollment numbers for Obama's namesake start coming in.

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