Saturday, June 15, 2013

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Freedom from religion

The framers of the Constitution considered having an 'official' religion as had been the practice under British rule. The reason for this was that their ancestors had lived through the English civil war over religion. That was why almost to a man they were 'deists' who 'believed' that God created the universe and abstained from that point on. Really they were atheists, they just wanted to avoid being burned at the stake for witchcraft.

They decided upon the First Amendment on the faulty theory that the religious fanatics would remain confined to their tiny colonies. They couldn't envision the TV Evangelist.

Low quality cat food

A Mike Malloy Show writer was disturbed that on checkout, he got a coupon based on past purchases, and thus realizing that Corporate Big Brother was tracking him. How does he know the cat food coupons he received  at checkout were based on his prior purchase of catnip? The algorithm more likely knew his age, the lack of employment, an insignificant bank balance and his recent weight loss, indicating his need for low quality protein. 

And the Right Wing is worried about the Nanny State? They thought it was great that Bush was creating a police state. Of course they thought it would be used on Brown People and not them.  

The Republic of Texas, a subsidiary of the People's Republic of China

You know how Right wing nut jobs like to talk about Texas seceding? Here are the fun facts.

- They've got all the oil. No Big Oil has all the oil, unless they are going to 'nationalize the oil', can you say redneck commies? If they raise the price, everybody including the US will just go elsewhere. 

- Texas is the only 'Confederate' state that even comes close to paying as much into the Federal government as they  get back. Some of them get a $1.40 back for every $1 they pay in.

- Texas is gets a huge share of its economy from the US military bases that would be gone, or they'd have to pay for the bases themselves.

- Disaster Relief for the next hurricane? Guess they'd have to start pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. 

- How about Mexico? Mexico has a navy, and could be provoked by the predictable treatment of Mexican nationals by the unbridled Texans. Those Gulf of Mexico oil rigs will become Mexican oil rigs, the Texas Bass Boat Fleet probably won't have much effect.

- Then there's China. they already own most of Texas oil. What can we say about that?

- This is an abbreviated list of the problems facing the Republic of Texas as Global Warming turns the state into desert. If they're lucky, Mexico will take them back. Twitter @BruceEnberg