Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dig Deeper

The conservative dream is coming true for America, the first quarter of economic activity for the US saw a 5.2% drop in hourly wages when adjusted for inflation. This is the biggest decline since records were first kept in 1947, which is not just coincidental with the Republican's 'do nothing' Congress of that year that created the states' ability to have 'right to work' laws, or in plain English 'union busting' driving wages down to starvation levels. It has taken decades, but this is what they dreamed of.

This is all you need to know about the sluggish economic recovery after the Bush Crash, Consumer spending is 70% of the GDP and low wages mean no spending because it produces few jobs, jobs that don't pay enough to live on, and that means no recovery.  Things are simply not getting better because of the steady downward pressure on the wages for the middle-class through worker lock outs, union concessions to avoid hopeless strikes, corporate buyouts, and fraudulent bankruptcies.

An interesting factoid is that the average square footage of new homes has started to go up again, and is exceeding pre-Bush crash levels. It's not likely that the 1% are building even bigger McMansions, it's more likely that the lower middle-class simply aren't building their 'shotgun shacks' at all anymore. Renting, living on somebody's basement couch, or camping in the woods is the more common lifestyle for the working poor.

The retreat of the wealthy to a gated community inside the circle of a larger gated community continues as they seek to escape the real world that they have created. We are already seeing weather phenomenon exceeding that the 'climate change alarmists' (the 14,000 people with phd's that have been published), those few that were predicting today's conditions. Well actually they meant it for the 22nd century, not now.

We have EF-5 tornadoes exceeding historical records by double, we saw two of them in a single week in Oklahoma, when there have only been 55, ever nationwide. That's right in 60 years of keeping track. If the 'big one' we just saw, the record setter of 2.6 miles across, had plowed into a city, the death toll would resemble something from a nuclear war report.

The three 'storm chasers' that were killed by this storm thought they knew everything that could be know about this kind of storm. They met what has been know as 'the finger of God'. It cuts a two foot trench into the ground, asphalt is like warm butter, re-enforced concrete slabs crumble like crackers, vehicles are shredded into piles of engine blocks with the rest just scattered like confetti, cows and humans are 'de-gloved' (that is they are skinned alive). Nothing short of a fortified underground shelter is survivable.

The rest of us can just rely on prayer. Twitter @BruceEnberg  But don't bother me, I'm digging a deeper bunker.