Monday, November 4, 2013

Bits & pieces

To be fair to Rand Paul and the accusations of plagiarism (actually it's cut & dried), he wouldn't know the difference between a right wing Wiki article and one of his speeches, since they are all written by the Heritage Foundation. Billionaire funded Heritage maintains a boiler room operation that constantly edits Wiki articles to reflect their made up version of history. They repeat the Rightwing's manufactured facts, improbable numbers, as well as colors and shapes that Disney used in Fantasia. 

Drone Strikes: Not to put to fine a point on it, but we've been doing this since the Marines landed on the Shores of Tripoli. It's just a matter of just how crazy of a guy you put in charge of the muskets that determines whether it's 'good and necessary' Foreign Policy or just War Crimes .
Judging from all the pictures that pop up on Google search, the Orca Whales seem to like ferries. Whales in general seen to be fascinated with boats that cross their territory, at least the ones without harpoon guns.