Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 'Not' Tea Party, or knowing the real names of stuff

It looks at this hour, that with the Senate sending a 'survival' budget to the House, that the United States of America will get past its gravest crisis since the near Oligarch takeover during the Great Depression, or from Civil War conquest... by basically the same Oligarchs.

And it was pretty much the same bunch that tried to undermine the Colonial rebellion against the British East India Company. Conservatives burned the houses of liberal soldiers and drove their families into the forest, overall ten percent of Americans died from this abuse before the United States became a reality.

In shear numbers, more Americans died during the 'War of Northern Aggression' than in all other American Wars combined, of course this total includes the deaths of Confederates who fought under a Traitor's flag while killing US troops. It's totally appropriate that Tea Party gray backs wave the Stars & Bars in defiance of the twice elected black President.

While it may seem less than ideal that the terms of the Tea Party surrender only extend the function of government until the start of the new Congressional year, and the debt ceiling only until February. The Republicans are not likely to make a fuss in an election year to block the government again, after the drubbing they just took. The big 'concession' from the Democrats was to tighten income verification before ObamaCare's low income participants get a subsidy. The thing is, the Tea Party's big objection to ObamaCare was that very involvement of the IRS in income verification. Now that this has been made intrusive, it has been transformed into the Republican's 'big' accomplishment from their $36b government shutdown.

So the GOP basically got nothing. ObamaCare is now history. How would FDR be remembered if Social Security were called FDR Security. The GOP will need to rename ObamaCare to make it sound like it was their idea. When 'Single Payer' starts to get traction, the TeaBag protest signs will say, "Keep you Government hands off my Constitutionally guaranteed ObamaCare".

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Roman Law said...

Bruce you were spot on with your prediction about these blowhard teapuppet cowards relenting and raising the debt ceiling. Essentially what we have witnessed was the GOP Teaparty's surrender resulting in a complete and unceremonious political decapitation.

As far as what they gained? The ire of the majority of the American people; we are now witness to the twilight of their waning influence, their last desperate gasps of relevance. The complete implosion of the GOP as a political party that has become more a parody of a political party.

A political party overwhelmingly populated by shrill, overzealous, incredulous, irrational rejects. Unable and unwilling to accept the dawn of the new republic that no longer reflects their majority as the rule. The country is moving on without them and that is what scares the living sh*t out of them and their feckless cabal of leaders.

2014 will be their year of reckoning!

Anonymous said...

Well, I do hope that you are correct, Roman Law, but from where I sit in Mississippi, we do seem to be fighting that War for Southern Independence all over again. But screaming, of course, for federal money every time a hurricane hits. It's called Katrina politics.