Monday, September 16, 2013

The Smart Person in the room

The rightwing is pushing the nonsense that Obama has stumbled into yet another foreign policy success. How many times does this need to happen before they admit he actually knows what he's doing. This would probably be infinity times infinity to get close to the odds of that happening. In the current manifestation of impossibility a ruthless dictator whose clan has ruled Syria for 100s of years, and a former KGB agent who is known for assassinating anyone who threatens him are about to make a deal with Obama for everything Obama wanted. Obama, and more importantly the United States of America conceded nothing and will drop not a single bomb.

Pressed during an interview on a Sunday talk show about the 'budget crisis', Obama simply laughed at Speaker Boner's debt default threat. Obama is in charge and no matter what the beltway pundits say, he will prevail.

Larry Summers's nomination as Federal Reserve Chairman was scuttled by progressives in the Senate, (that's a phrase not heard since the 1930s). Does this mean that an actual competent economist like Janet Yellon will be the next Fed Chairman? It's too early to tell, but if the Progressive Caucus could kill the chances of an insider like Summers, it seems likely that they can make it happen.


Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration has been working on doing something about Syria's chemical weapons for two years. Two things convinced Vladimir Putin to do something imediatly. One, the idiot Assad actually got caught using them; two, the threat of the US attacking Assad's war making capibilities. To the world's good fortune Assad quit using them and a system is being put in place to remove the weapons. Putin does not want another attack in Russia by radical Islamists like the one in a Moscow Subway several years ago even on a larger scale.
When Obama met with Putin at the G-20 conference twice after delaying the missle strike for a Congressional approval, I knew something was in the works with Syria.