Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blood stained rag

I've been going round and round on Twitter with some rightwing nut job from Texas that posted a selfie of her in front of a Confederate battle flag. You know all the stuff, "Obama is not my president" he hates Conservatives, blah, blah, blah.

The thing about the 'Stars and Bars' is that traitors flew that flag while killing American soldiers defending their country. They say it's just a symbol of their 'heritage' after all, their ancestors were honorable men (except for that whole treason thing, slavery, misogyny, pick, pick, pick). Then, why not if you're German, why not fly the Nazi flag? Well, people a little bit further to the right do that too. The lamest excuse is they don't fly the CSA 'national' flag. The South stopped using it as the battle flag because it was mostly white and they couldn't keep track of if they had surrendered or not.

The Stars and Bars has a lot of the blood of patriotic Americans on it. To fly it is nothing less than treason, the same as it was in 1865.