Thursday, September 26, 2013

A road cone on the road to Hell

The new unemployment claims continue trending down with only 305,000 newly unemployed last week. The moving average is only 308,000 indicating that layoffs are actually staying fairly low. Home prices were up significantly last month, manufacturing orders were up slightly and consumer spending is up. Gasoline prices are down and expected to fall significantly over the next several months. This leads into a Christmas season with most retailers announcing more temp hiring than last year. Walmart that has been plagued with reports of understaffing has announced that they are reversing their trend of moving to part time workers and will move 35,000 people to full time positions.

While Sen Ted Cruz R-TX was pretending to filibuster ObamaCare the Texas Health Insurance Exchange announced some of the lowest policy rates in the country. Mainstream news stories based on information provided by Red State officials claiming higher rates would be the result of ObamaCare turned out to be false once the exchanges actually made rates public. Most of the 'state' exchanges are actually run by the Feds since the Republicans blocked participation by their individual state governments.

An orange tinted drunk is all that stands between us and economic Hellfire. Everyone is assuming there won't be a government default since the House Republican leadership has been reassuring Wall Street in private that such a thing can't happen. The likely scenario is that Speaker Boehner will use Democratic votes to pass the Senate bill at the last minute to avoid calamity. The only problem is that the Speaker has absolute say on whether a bill can come to the House Floor, and the guy isn't particularly stable. Oh well, we must assume that Obama has some contingency for dealing with this. There are things that he can do to at least buy time, don't mind the market crash and all that.

The Tea Bag caucus in the House is getting increasing arrogant in their defiance of the mandate found in Article One of the Constitution that Congress is to provide for the General Welfare. They don't even make any pretense of working for anybody but the handful of billionaires who pull their strings. They don't even bother to talk about the traditional hot button issues that consumes the right of God, guns and gays. It's all about slashing the budget, defunding ObamaCare and cutting taxes for the rich.

Their assumption is that they can simply keep their seats with Gerrymandering and voter suppression, but this isn't a sure thing. They are getting so far outside of reality that the average voter is starting to ask questions. Asking questions can lead to knowledge and even activism. The holy water and wooden stake equivalents that spell trouble for the evil right.

All Republicans really talk like tea baggers in private, the only difference is that these guys do it all the time, and the demographics that don't find this sort of talk amusing are in fact growing. The Millennium generation is larger than the Baby Boom generation and far larger than the Greatest generation that Republicans depend on for votes. Every year a slice of Republicans die off and are replaced with a much larger group of Millennials that are coming of age with a very skeptical view of Republican policy. This is the reason you even hear the Pope talking like Jesus, he's trying to build his base, and the Church has done its market research.

It just a matter of getting the Millennials to vote, if they were to come out in 2014 in the same numbers that they did in 2008, Democrats could take the House. That isn't as hard as it sounds with six years worth of new voters having come of age since 2008, and six years of Republicans gone. It's all about the numbers.

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