Saturday, July 13, 2013

The revolution will be followed on Twitter

You Luddites that don't follow Twitter are really missing out. It does take some work to make it fun since the RWNJ (twitter for Right Wing Nut Job) are constantly trying to ruin it, but once you get the hang of it they aren't a problem, and can be great to make fun of.

The #hashtag or # plus a name, appears anywhere in a tweet that you want to add to a public list with that title. Like #truthseeker.

It can take the form of a running joke, often with Conservatives being the butt, or it can be somebody you support like #StandingWithWomenOfTexas or #WendyDavis.

The popular ones in the past 24 hours have revolved around Texas State Brown Shirts confiscating feminine hygiene products and such from women entering the State Senate Chambers, although guns are permitted (I am not making this up).

So I've been adding to the 'tampon' hash tags (when I can come up with one), but there are hundreds of great ones.
  1. My best so far, "Wherever they’s a cop beatin’ up a gal, Tampon 'll be there" - Grapes of Wrath       [this is from the final speech at the end, if you don't remember college]

  The lifespan of most twitter trends is quite short, but they can be great fun. Twitter @BruceEnberg

PS About real Luddites: they weren't entirely wrong and are mostly misrepresented in their actual beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Funny, LWNJ, the left wing nut job, is what I get comic relief from.

prairie2 said...

The ignorant are so easily amused by anything that they can link to their scripts supplied by the billionaires. The same billionaires who are digging the mass graves for the RWNJ who just don't get it.