Monday, July 1, 2013

Facing the Last Resort

The aluminum foil shelter that wildland Firefighters carry as part of their 50 lb back-country fire kit is intended to be that last resort when the fire is not only gaining on their position but has skipped ahead, and they are trapped with fire coming from all sides.

The physics of this 'last chance' technology is real and can be easily calculated. Hotshot Firefighters drill on this like their very lives depend on it. Any fire is the equation of heat + fuel + oxygen. Heat is temperature of the the available mass either mitigated by high humidity, or greatly boosted by low humidity. Fuel in a forest is a given. Oxygen in the outdoors is a matter of wind speed.

Global warming is a multiplier: hotter, dryer, faster winds. You might be a Conservative if you think none of this math or science matters. Conservatives think Hell is real, for some people it is actually real for their final minutes. Twitter @BruceEnberg  Conservatives can burn in Hell.


Dave said...

The phrase "trying to build hell on earth" keeps floating around for me today. That's what humanity has been doing at least recently and arguably for the entirety of our history.

Is the nature of the evil that drives this "conservatism" broader and more malevolent than any of us have imagined? I ask those who call themselves religious conservatives what master are they really serving and are they sure about it?