Friday, June 21, 2013

Seven degrees of separation

The NSA's contractors are sucking up everything digital, way more than the obvious stuff, and storing it. They don't look at it, so that by the broadest (both eyes shut and sphincter clenched) interpretation of the 4th amendment that's not a 'search'.

The thing is, it's all 'indexed' by digital identifiers. That means once they get a secret warrant, or maybe just a 'National Security Letter' which isn't even reviewed by a rubber stamp judge, they can look at anything linked to the original subject. This could, according to the 'Kevin Bacon theorem' of higher probability mathematics, [okay that is some what an exaggeration] you could look at all material they've stored on everybody based on one order. So really, they don't need very many court orders. 


Ronmac said...

There's an irony here, isn't there? Here we have Putin, the leader of an alleged "police state" refusing to handover Snowden to the authorities in an alleged "free and open society" with designs on fast becoming an arch type internet age "surveillance state."

Dave said...

Just wait for it. Once your DNA can be detected from a distance, the corpratocracy. . .er. . .government will be able find out exactly where you are at any moment.

It'll be great!! They'll be able to target you for advertising or maybe a particle-beam death-ray if you dared to say that you didn't care for the new GMO cornflakes.

Think it can't happen? Are you sure?

Just remember as the people in power gather more power,it becomes ever more important to take great care about who is put in power.