Thursday, June 13, 2013

Low quality cat food

A Mike Malloy Show writer was disturbed that on checkout, he got a coupon based on past purchases, and thus realizing that Corporate Big Brother was tracking him. How does he know the cat food coupons he received  at checkout were based on his prior purchase of catnip? The algorithm more likely knew his age, the lack of employment, an insignificant bank balance and his recent weight loss, indicating his need for low quality protein. 

And the Right Wing is worried about the Nanny State? They thought it was great that Bush was creating a police state. Of course they thought it would be used on Brown People and not them.  


Anonymous said...

"We the People" are now the minority.Wealth has become the majority.

Hey all you "WHITE BOYS" out here! How does it feel to have DARK SKIN??? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!