Friday, June 28, 2013

Coal, a 18th century solution that has expired

The Right Wing Nut Jobs are screaming that Obama has declared war on Coal. Fair enough, he should so do that, you can't find a worse polluter. Coal companies have already put so much mercury into the environment that no fish over 2 inches long is safe to eat. This doesn't even consider CO2 emissions that are already testing the EF-5 Tornado and Category 5 Hurricane designations.  How far away are we from killer storms that just don't end, but wander the planet for years?

There is an obvious reasons that the only news outlet that gave full coverage to Obama's speech on Global Warming was the Weather Channel. It's the only network, that while corporate owned, is run by people with a science degree. We are f******, we are like that soldier who has been shot and does not realize yet that he is dead, but he continues his march forward. We could lie in a field of Poppies like the soldiers who fought in the war to end all wars, but Poppies will probably become extinct with nearly everything else. Twitter @BruceEnberg but I'll probably be too drunk to answer, we're f******


Anonymous said...

I am in the Ohio Air National Guard. The restricted flying area we train in is Southeastern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Northern West Virginia. the scars from moutaintop mining are every where in those areas. The difference between what the areas looked like years ago is noticeable. Then it was a few abandoned strip mines but this is much worse.

Anonymous said...

Clean coal