Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ye Olde Ayn Rand & other Tory talking points

We must find that we cannot levy taxes upon the bowed heads of the noble 'job creators'! If the Crown were cease exempting the British East India Company from the Tea Tax Act and other encumbrance that the rest of us must bear, then they would in good time leave our humble Colonies. And we would all to fall into starving & ruination! Ye verily!

Besides bringing unto us these miseries, what earthly goode did it do to allow militia to turn their ships away from the harbors of New York and Philadelphia? They will simply sail un-impeded unto port of Boston for their many benefits. We must not fail to compete rapaciously for the import trade from China and the Orient at our own peril. Let us giveth the job creators land freely, many cheaper labourers; be they indentured or the slave, favourable law for their goode practice of commerce, & that what so ever they should in their God Enlightened Wisdom desire from our humble selves. So it is said by the Blessed Word of the Lord itself.

Those that speak of the so-called 'Liberal' Enlightenment that all men are created equal, know not of God's Will & speak with the forked tongues of blasphemers! These cowardly liberals have filled the head of the Commoner with utter nonsenses. For he knows not what is goode for his person being little more cognoscente of his surrounding then the lowly woman or the naked savage. It could be said that the black slave possess more inherit wisdom as he clings to his servitude willingly, grateful for the blessings bestowed upon him by his master. The goode servant never seeks to break his sacred bond, and we would do well to emulate him in all such things, as our masters were all chosen by God in His wisdom to make us free to serve.

God Save the King & bring all His blessings upon His Corporations. Parchment available at  Twitter @BruceEnberg  Facebook Praire2 News [parchment delivery guaranteed by Spring next with favorable seas]


Doghouse said...

American history!
Yes, the taxes (like the Stamp Act) were introduced by the Crown to pay for the massive debts from the Indian Wars fought by the British to defend the settlers moving west into their lands. The Tea Act was an Act of the Parliament of Great Britain. Its principal objective was to reduce the massive surplus of tea held by the financially troubled British East India Company in its London warehouses. Another objective was to undercut the price of tea smuggled into Britain's North American colonies. This outraged Americans who imported tea illegally and would kill their black market profits.
Of course the colonists had legitimate gripes – taxation without representation, laws that required the colonies to trade only with the British, and many others.
But the revolt about taxation from people expecting the benefits of government then getting mad because they have to pay for them. This has not changed in all that time for some Americans. The modern Tea Party is a direct descendant of the Boston Tea Party – wrapped in wishful thinking, guns, and the American flag.

prairie2 said...

That's the corporate version. The colonists were actually treated very badly by the BEIC, and they expected it to get far worse as the British consolidated power, it's too long a story to go into here.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Olde English has changed a lot sense then. I have always felt like an idiot for not being able to follow along most Shakespeare plays. Wish more people would write to this site