Monday, May 6, 2013

Knocking down the talking points, one by one

The 'talking point' to justify not enacting gun background check legislation that 92% of Americans support is that, "if we allow this to be passed it's just the camel's nose under the tent. The liberals will just want more when it doesn't work..."

The problem with this 'thinking' is that if reasonable legislation can be stopped by democracy, wouldn't it be really easy to stop future legislation when this failed to preform? Isn't obvious that what they really fear is that it would work, and that gun sales would plummet as the 'irrational fear' that they've created subsides?


Anonymous said...

Senator Pat Toomey(R)PA said when it came to it Repubs could not give Obama a victory. Now at least two Repubs have seen their approval ratings take a dive and they told Senat Manchen(D)WV they would like to concider. What happened to doing the correct thing for the Country and listening to their consituents.

Dave said...

Is the reason to leave guns unregulated is so we the people can take up arms against our government?

I hope anyone contemplating such a thing truly understands what they're saying, open armed conflict between Americans. We broke the country in two the last time that happened. If we went there again, there's no guarantee we'd still have the United States after we were finished.

Do you value your Constitutionally mandated freedoms of speech, religion, and bearing arms? Do you like having due process of law?

If you break the country, that document of the former United States is no longer in effect. You might get burned at the stake for being the wrong kind of Christian.

Do you think that is a good plan?