Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bits, pieces, and body parts

New unemployment claims fell again last week setting another new record since the Bush economic collapse. The Federal Budget deficit continues to fall, not so much from spending cuts but from increased revenue as the economy continues to improve despite the efforts of Republicans.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced a bill that would require Federally backed student loans to be issued at the same rate that the Federal Reserve lends money to billionaire owned banks. Good luck with that.

The average wage for a two year community college grad is now higher than that of four year college diploma or higher. Not unexpected since fully half of all 'real college' grads either have no job or are working at Best Buy. Most new jobs that should be done by US college grads like engineering, medical research and even corporate law are now done in China or India. Youth unemployment in the US is now higher than in austerity ridden Europe.

Darrel Issa admitted to reporters that he discovered nothing new in his Benghazi hearing. Paul Ryan complains that Obama never calls him 'to chat'. Obama can read the daily talking points on Drudge, so why talk to the gym rat? House Republicans got enough votes to mandate by law that China gets paid ahead of Americans' Medicare if there is a cash flow problem with the Federal budget.

Pat Roberson cautioned today to beware of 'false prophets', in November God told him that Mitt Romney would win, would serve two terms, and the economy would boom. Well the economy is picking up. Batting .334 in the Major Leagues will make you a rich man, apparently a rich prophet as well.

Baby Boomers and the middle aged that have just now realized that they should not have voted for Ronald Reagan have for the first time ever pushed the suicide rate above the death toll from car crashes. The suicide rate among older Americans had been relatively low, but no more.

Senator Tom Colburn asserted on Fox that since Obama signed the law permitting people to carry guns in Federal Parks that violent crime there has declined 85%. Actual numbers are that violent crime of all types declined by 12%, but murder is up by 133% in the parks. Slightly less chance of being robbed, if you don't mind being dead.

The $5 billion it would take to upgrade all Bangladesh factories up to modern safety standards would cost ten cents per garment when spread over just five years.

Photos are available online showing scattered in the debris the labels of the stores that the sweatshop workers died for. The most 'touching', yet disturbing photo to surface shows the bodies of a man and women embracing in their final moments pinned in the fallen concrete. However since there are no obvious injuries to their bodies above their pinned legs, they may have been this way for some time before succumbing to their injuries.

The death toll at the sight of the Big Box Store sweatshops has now passed 1000, and after a sweep of the basement area the army will bring in large bulldozers to 'shift' heavy debris in an attempt to recover the remaining corpses that are now little more than skeletons.

A fire at a Bangladesh garment factory yesterday killed 'only' eight workers.   Twittter @BruceEnberg   Facebook Prairie2 News


Anonymous said...

On a non related subject at the Bengazi Hearing Rep. Dunkin(R)TN asked Secretary Napolitano about the 20 year old Saudi, Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi, who was in the US on a student visa. He was injured in the Boston Bombing. Rep. Dunkin maintained he was realy responsable for the bombing and Michele Obama who visited the student in the hospital proved the Obama Administration was behind the Boston Marathon Bombing.

All of this is from the fertile mind of Glen Beck who makes up apparentlly the total source of information for the Representitive from Tennessee.

No wonder the US House cannot govern if the majority party is staffed with minions such as this.