Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Freak Storm, or a Storm of Freaks?

One might jump to the conclusion that hard right Republicans oppose disaster relief simply because they are cold heart-ed bastards that like to see the victims suffer. It is the basic tenet of Conservatism that freedom is defined as being able to bully and take advantage of those weaker than you are. The truth is that they are getting orders from the billionaires who control them to fight this sort of spending where ever possible for a very simple reason. Disaster relief and spending on rebuilding stimulates the economy, and they really don't want that. Especially since it mostly goes to the middle-class. 

Bush had it both ways with Katrina, he spent lots of money but funneled it to crony contractors who didn't do anything with it (but put it in their offshore accounts). One blatant example of Bush disaster spending was to hire an Alexandria VA company to haul away Katrina debris for $28/cubic yard. The money went through series of subcontractors until it got to a company that actually had trucks and they received $4/cubic yard. The company used undocumented workers that they fed and housed in Red Cross shelters and never paid them. This achieved the desired goal of keeping the money out of the hands of the middle-class. 

Those were the good old days for the disaster capitalists. Since they can't get away with that anymore, the funding most be blocked as much as possible. Just by slowing the recovery for months like they did with Hurricane Sandy they can compound the economic damage. Increasing the number of unemployed, driving down wages and bankrupting small business. All satisfying the desired goal of eliminating more people from the middle-class.  

A lot of these rancid bastards in Congress are from the south and it's common for them to invest in large scale rice and cotton farming where the bulk of farm subsidies go. Tennessee Bible-thumper Stephen Fincher, who argued against feeding the hungry by quoting Jesus, has received $9 million in farm supports. The maximum food stamp payment for an individual is $155. Divide that into $9m and you get 58,064 hungry people that he could personally pay for, that is if the Congressman actually pulled himself up by his bootstraps like he expects hungry kids to do.  Twitter @BruceEnberg   Or just toss message up in the air and some freak storm will take to to Kansas.


Anonymous said...

A point of information President Bush excused contractors from complying with a law called the Davis-Bacon Act which requires Federal Contractors to pay living wages to workers.
Fortunatly for the people in Oklahoma the people in New York and New Jersey had to put up with a 79 day delay in diaster relief in order for Repubs to work out offsets which caused food stamp cuts. There was enough "offsets" at the expence of food stamp recipients to build a suplus to cover most of the Oklahoma victims.
Letting the OK Repubs off the hook.