Saturday, April 27, 2013


Ronmac said...

Here is a passage by a well known author from the 19th century on factory-life in England (btw the death toll from that collapsed factory in Bangladesh has topped 350 and will probably hit
the 700-800 mark):

"But in its blind unrestrainable passion, its wear-wolf hunger for surplus labour, capital oversteps not only the moral, but even the merely physical maximum bounds of the working-day. It usurps the time for growth, development and healthy maintenance of the body. It steals the time required for the consumption of fresh air and sunlight….

"All that concerns it is simply and solely the maximum of labour-power that can be rendered fluent in a working-day. It attains this end by shortening the extent of the labourer’s life, as a greedy farmer snatches increased produce from the soil by reducing it of its fertility."

-Karl Marx (Das Capital, Chapter 10)

Who knew Mr Marx was so poetic? Maybe somebody should try and sneak him in the school curriculum in Texas (under 19th century poetry, of course).