Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to get out of the current Great Depression

Before you can do any of these things you will need public campaign financing so that Congress actually reflects the will of the people. State government would need the same. A Constitutional Amendment could enforce this at all levels and guarantee the right to vote.

1 - Immediately raise the minimum wage to the level set in 1938, adjusted for inflation, about $11/hour. Over the next five years raise it to reflect real worker productivity of about $22/hour. Increase all government benefits to reflect the true cost living. Repeal all 'right to work' laws.

2 - Ramp up infrastructure spending until we reach full employment.

3 - Reinstate tariffs on anything we still make here and gradually reintroduce them on everything else.

4 - Make all higher education free and forgive all outstanding loans.

5 - Nationalize the Federal Reserve & seize all the 'too big to fail' banks. Establish a plan to replace all                   commercial banks with credit unions.

6 - Begin enforcing anti-trust laws. No national chain stores, period. No conglomerate companies. Make 80% of what Wall Street does illegal. Ban retirement money from being 'invested' in Wall Street Ponzi markets.

7 - Ban 'for profit' energy production. Put big Agri-business companies out of business. Introduce land reform and government support of small sustainable farming operations. Require farmers to join organized price contracting groups and put real teeth in them.

8 - A one time wealth tax on estates over a billion dollars. Reinstate inheritance taxes.  Ban paying CEOs in stock, require boards to include workers.

There are a lot of other things to be done of course, but a real Congress that is elected by the people, not by lobbyists and big money donors could easily tackle these problems. When enough people know what the real questions are, then we can get real answers.


Anonymous said...

Sent to a Libertarian friend. Hopefully it won't send him into shock.

Fake_William_Shatner said...

This makes too much sense and would solve many of the problems that plague and stress out most americans.

Therefore, without a revolution; it will not happen.

Election reform is the start -- and that won't happen unless we all start taking over our local governments -- about a two generation process.

prairie2 said...

If you reach a certain number of people that actually grasp the truth of things, change can happen suddenly. It's happened in the US before.

Mobis21 said...

What you propose for the most part, I am 100 percent in agreement. It will take a spark, not a very significant one mind you, which will come in the form of regular folk being crushed mercilessly by the gilded Corporatocracy.

Though in truth is happens every day, this one incident will be especially egregious and personally touch ordinary people in ways that the corporate stream media could never imagine.

A revolution is coming...

Dave said...

Human civilization cannot provide a decent way of life for the majority of its members while allowing a small minority to hoard tremendous amounts of wealth in private hands. Our allowing the few to do that again is the source of a number of our problems.

There doesn't have to be bloody revolution to change the situation. It just takes political will.

If we'd tax upper income levels a bit more and not squander that revenue on military spending, we could actually start taking care of the commons again. Public works projects to rebuild our transportation, power, and communications systems could hire workers and pay them decently. That would stimulate the economy, create jobs, and put upward pressure on wages.

Also we could also enforce antitrust laws so competition among businesses would promote better services at lower prices. Yes the upward wage pressure and the real competition would cause the very richest not to make as much money. However they're not being able to do that would benefit humanity as a whole.

Unknown said...

I agree 100%, but I'm afraid that implementing even just one of these remedies would be almost impossible in the political & social climate we find ourselves mired in.The powers that be control the minds & hearts of the people that would benefit most by these reforms. Until this national brainwashing is somehow stopped, the 99% will not take the collective noose from around their neck.