Friday, March 1, 2013

Where is Robo Cop?

Some crazy made up headlines for the movies -

Dateline Detroit March 1, 2013 - The governor of Michigan has declared that the City of Detroit is in a Financial Emergency and will be turned over to the Omni Consumer Products corporation (OCP) for an undefined period. Elected officials have been unable to manage the city with the lack luster economy and severe restrictions on tax revenue demanded by the job creators. The elected government will remain but have no power of any kind. The manager appointed by the governor and answering only to OCP will oversee the city while it's being liquidated and he assured residents that the process will be orderly.

Dateline Washington July 4, 2013 - Early this morning a Pan American Airways 747 that was carrying 490 passengers on a cross country flight attempted an emergency landing at Reagan International Airport and collided with a Gulfstream corporate jet taxiing for takeoff. The tower controlling the field was unmanned in the early hours due to sequester cutbacks. All souls on board both planes are believed to have perished in the fiery crash. Eyewitness accounts suggest that the larger plane came rest with a large section of the cabin still intact but was engulfed in flames as passengers attempted to evacuate. This is unconfirmed as there were no emergency crews onsite. The NTSB stated in an automated press release that it will send investigators to the scene as they become available.

Dateline Capitol Hill September 25, 2013 - House Speaker Eric Cantor has said there will be no hearings into FBI whistle blower accounts that the terrorists who destroyed the Freedom Tower in lower Manhattan two weeks ago today could have been apprehended prior to the attack if enough agents had been available to followup on available intelligence. The Speaker also said that documents pertaining to the impeachment of the President will be made public later today. 

Aren't you glad we don't live in the crazy world that only exists in the fevered minds of Hollywood writers?


Ronmac said...

Dateline Manassas, Virginia Oct 13 2015 - In what some are calling opening salvo of a new American Civil War, delegates from 11 states voted here today to secede from the Union.

This was the culmination of months of legal tensions brought about by declared state bankruptcies and moves by Wall Street banks to evict the entire population of these states using squatter laws from the 19th century.

Delegates also drafted a measure calling on China and Russia to provide emergency military assistance to help protect sovereign territory of the new United States Confederacy against incursions by "private mercenary entities" said to be in control of the U.S Federal Reserve in New York.

When asked if it was a coincidence that the declaration took place in Manassas, Virginia, the scene of the first battle in the US civil war 154 years ago, a spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous said it was important not to read too much into this.

prairie2 said...

The usual Troll (the one who can write) tried to load us up with slightly modified talking points that are still just nonsense. I will respond to one, Vietnam did not replace China in the shoe business, they've been doing it all along. China isn't interested in any business that doesn't lead to something else. Shoes are pretty much just sweat shop labor with no techno advancement to be gained from it. You can bet they do sell Vietnam any machines it needs to make shoes, they might even own the factories....

Dave said...

The scenarios offered would be the results of government(s) starved of tax revenue. When people who work don't make any money and the uber-rich don't get taxed on their ocean-liners of money, this kind of public sector deprivation happens.

This is not a natural occurrence. It has everything to do with who controls the wealth and the politicians who write tax policies.

Want to know who has the money? Search online for the income inequality video.