Monday, January 14, 2013

The end of the world, within the margin of error

President Obama did a press conference today where he proceeded to beat up the school bully, I mean call out the Republican slackers who don't want to pay for the spending that, well the spending that they did. It's disgusting how many Americans think that the President simply spends money as he wishes. In fact he can't spend a single penny without authorization from Congress, most of it is mandatory spending that he can't refuse to act on.

President Obama, "These are bills that have already been racked up, and we need to pay them. ... So ... Republicans in Congress have two choices here: They can act responsibly and pay America's bill or they can act irresponsibly and put America through another economic crisis."

In fact if Obama were to allow things to play out the way Republicans swear that they want them to, it could well end Western Civilization. This is not hyperbolic ranting from your economics correspondent, less than this has done more damage. If you think the 'rich' won't let that happen, you haven't been paying attention. Most of the 'very rich' got that way by employing 'disaster capitalism', or simply screwing people weaker than them. Hoarding cash and then buying real wealth for 10 cents on the dollar is a tried and true method, and they are angling to do that now. The founders of this nation warned against cycles of inflation and deflation brought on by bankers, calling them more dangerous than armies. Holland had collapsed a 150 years before, and France was collapsing at the time. Indeed the US went through many of these cycles. The New Deal ended all of that until Reagan unleashed the demons again, and they still run amok.

The good news is that clearly Obama is no Herbert Hoover, he will act. He's says he won't invoke the 14th Amendment or mint any platinum coins. The thing about this, is that his rhetoric is right out of the 14th Amendment, word for word. 

There are any number of possibilities for paying the bills with something that is 'not currency' that the Federal Reserve could redeem for cash, so him dismissing the coin option doesn't mean he won't do essentially that in the end.  

Obama is backing the Republicans into a corner hoping that they will simply give in as they did on the Bush tax cuts. His statement that he might accept 'modest' cuts to Social Security is scarring the crap out of liberals for no good reason. He's offered that before, and for all the rightwing rhetoric the Republicans don't go for it. How could they? Congressional Republicans literally rank below gonorrhea in popularity polling. Also, Obama isn't running next year, and they are. I hope they are stupid enough to agree to Social Security cuts, and Obama signs them. That would end the Republican party forever. 

In the end the Republicans will back down, they are already on the ropes. It's just noise that they are making for their brain dead base. When I say it's just noise, I mean I'm 99.9% certain we'll get a 'good' outcome. You should probably be ready for civilization to end, just in case. The Mayans could have been off by a few months, compared to the thousand years since the made their calender, they could be dead on.


Fake_William_Shatner said...

Once again -- spot on!

I'm finally proud of Obama, but I suspect he's been maneuvering here for some time. It took a lot of patience so that even the MSM could stop acting like the Republicans had a shred of credibility.

They'd let the US default if they could find a way not to be blamed for it - but Obama has them in a corner.

I was totally shocked that we had a politician calling things exactly as they were -- and it wasn't Jimmy Carter or Joe Biden doing it. Joe as you know has a reputation as "being crazy" because he's very intelligent and forgot to embed the "mouth regulator" that most politicians use to never ever speak the truth. Occasionally George "W" Bush's drug addled brain would malfunction and the truth would escape his lips.

I'm still chilled by the "we create reality" comment he once made.

I just hope we one day get ahead of the disaster capitalists and start putting them in jail. It's kind of like how Nuclear Weapons have taken the fun out of world wars. The World Bankers have such a good interconnected scam going, that they can really impoverish a state like Greece and suck the bones -- but it's also easier for economies to "go nuclear."

November of 2008 was after the Rats had left the ship -- but there was almost a panic as every over-leveraged bankster realized he'd been playing cards with everyone as dishonest at themselves -- and all the credit ratings were as bogus as the CDS valuations.