Friday, January 25, 2013

Check their skin for zipper seams

Initial jobless claims are down again to another five year low. The stock market is at five year high and closing in on an all time high. The talk on the business pages is that money is flowing into the markets like green beer on St. Pat's Day. Not that I recommend putting your pot of gold into that Ponzi scheme. December housing numbers were down sharply but pretty good for the year. If banks start loosing up on loans the pent up demand could clear the over supply fairly quickly.

President Obama has named a hard nosed prosecutor to run the SEC. Mary Jo White as US Attn for the Southern District of New York is known for prosecuting terrorists of the Bin Laden variety and the really dangerous Wall Street terrorists. We'll see if Harry Reid's new stance on filibusters and nomination holds has any effect when it comes to Obama's nominations to fill appointments. At first blush Reid's reforms fell flat after eight Blue Dog Democrats supposedly panicked over the possibility of gun control, or maybe they are just Republicans wearing human skin. In reality there are things Reid can do while still operating under the arcane rules of the Senate to make the Republicans take the blame for their obstruction, and this could give the Democrats the edge in 2014.

The billionaires have reached out from the crypt to compel the DC Federal Appeals Court to strike down Obama's recess appointments to the Labor Relations Board. Incredibly they've found a new interpretation to the Constitution because of the word 'the' used in front of the word 'recess' to mean that the Congress is only in 'recess' for about a minute every two years between the old and new Congress. A regular run of the mill 'recess' preceded' by the letter 'a' in the Constitution does't count for recess appointments. This would make null and void everything the commission has done in the last two years and make them cease operation for lack of a quorum. This would also apply to every such appointment over the past 225 years, how many of Lincolns appointments would this affect, did the South therefor win the War of Northern Aggression after all?  However, the Supreme Court could rule that the opinion should stand, but carry no precedent just like in Bush v Gore.

Unions are one of the last impediments to the oligarchs solidifying their power, and they may well make such a ridiculous ruling stand. Bush v Gore was the most absurd thing the Court could do and nobody seemed to care, so there is no limit. Obama's appointments to the Court not withstanding, that's if the Senate were to confirm any of them, they haven't confirmed most of his lower Court appointments. Obama took his latest oath on the Lincoln Bible, he said words that sounded like he's become an actual Progressive. Let's see if he fights like a Progressive.

From the 1861 ballad, We are Coming

If you look across the hilltops that meet the northern sky,
Long moving lines of rising dust your vision may descry;
And now the wind, an instant, tears the cloudy veil aside,
And floats aloft our spangled flag in glory and in pride;
And bayonets in the sunlight gleam, and bands brave music pour,

CHORUS: We are coming, we are coming our Union to restore,
We are coming, Father Abraham, 300,000 more!


Ronmac said...

If Obama starts prosecuting these gangs on Wall Street they would have to build so many prisons that it could kick start the economy into hyperdrive.

The danger is this could speed up global warming. No matter how you look at it there's no winning with these rat bastards.