Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkeys & Whigs

The Republicans, still smarting after losing badly to Obama are casting about for their new 'hero'. Willard ended up with just over 47% of the popular vote, that's Karma for you. The truth is, that if Obama were all white, it would have been a blowout. If you gave Obama the 8 million votes the Republicans claimed they were going to suppress, Mittens would barely be breaking 40%. This doesn't even take into consideration that potential Democratic voters in the Red States don't even bother to vote.

The Whigs (I mean Republicans) are the minority party, and they know it. The contenders to be the new 'great white hope'? Marco Rubio has started campaigning already, of course he's brown, and lied about his family being refugees. So there is noise about Jeb Bush, he's married to a brown person and can speak fluent Spanish (reportedly he can, but these reports are often wrong, he is a Bush).

The problem for Republicans is that the majority of Hispanics could give a crap about either of these far right pretenders. If it were all about race as the Republicans seem to think it is, why would they vote for a Black man? Hispanics in the US are in general not into 'black people'. They didn't vote for Obama because he was non-white, they voted on the 'community' values that Obama espoused. Values that Republicans have been trying to destroy for the past century. The Whigs just don't get it.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

There is no free turkey lunch

In case you were suspicious or cynical about Black Friday sales. The Wall Street Journal did a little digging and found that fully one third of Black Friday "Specials" have in fact been offered previously at lower prices.

As for the rest of them, don't kid yourself. There are all manner of tricks to make an item appear 'cheap'. A favorite of the 'we won't be undersold' big box stores is to have the manufacturers create unique model numbers for them. You can't find it cheaper because nobody else sells it.

Most of the really cheap items you'll see today and tomorrow are simply cheap crap you don't want. If it is something worth having, it's not really their best price, or at least no better than you can pay Monday when the next shipping container from China is unloaded.

If you want to work off the turkey play football with the kids. If you want to simulate the mall experience, just give them each a bat and let them chase you around the yard. This first one to land a solid hit, gets you wallet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Load the Blunderbuss with bird shot

The Pilgrims brought turkeys with them to the Plymouth Colonies since they had no idea that they had been introduced to Europe by the Spanish from the 'New' World. This is what comes from having no knowledge of history or science, but you feel empowered by your belief in your destiny as  the prophetic will of God.

Willard Romney believed he was the White Horse Prophecy, since he had be told all his life that he was a miracle and god in his own right. The photo of him pumping gas in what appears to be clothes he slept in for a couple of days suggests that reality is a bitch for Mittens.  

Some history: the Pilgrims didn't flee England to the New World for religious freedom. They were living in tolerant Holland. They had been run out of England for being bloodthirsty zealots. The Native Americans would find that out first hand. The 'Indians' showed kindness and compassion, as the the good Christians would have all perished from their own stupidity. In turn, at the first opportunity the Pilgrims slaughtered the natives, man, woman and child, for profit.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Science is the Devil's hand maiden

The new face of the Republican Party kicked off the 2016 Presidential race with a visit to Iowa. The New Face, Same as the Old Face. When asked during the event 'how old is the Earth?', he didn't disappoint. While trying to double-speak the question he made it clear he's out for the 'far right' vote exclusively. He declared he isn't a scientist so he wouldn't know, and even theologians don't agree on the age of the planet, so we should teach creationism alongside the other opinions on the age of the Earth so kids can make their own choice.

When he said he wasn't a scientist (well duh), he wasn't really being humble, he was bragging. To the right-winger, it's a virtue to not be one of those Satan worshiping sciency guys. The fact is that they would still be claiming the world is flat and un-moving (like is says three times in the Bible), if they could figure out how to make money off of it. It is only common sense after all. We can't be spinning west to east at  1000 mph, that's just crazy, and gravity is just a theory after all. Try to explain to one of them that gravity is really the warping of space-time and not an attraction.

As long as we're talking about science, how about the Iron Dome Propaganda System  (oops) Iron Dome Missile Defense System. The fact is that it's impossible to hit a missile with a missile. Especially against the short range rockets the Palestinians are building. They never were successful, they simply don't have enough of them, and they aren't very good quality. In fact they've been more successful in the recent attacks then before Israel put up a missile defense. It's all about the propaganda. Israel wants it to seem like a big enough threat to justify a cruel response. With people off the streets, the decline in traffic deaths will more than offset Israeli casualties.

Monday, November 19, 2012

A few numbers

Home prices are up, housing starts are up, consumer confidence is up, and the stock market is way up today.

Oh yeah, and Obama's approval rating is way up. Now that the public isn't being flooded with negative ads from the rightwing noise machine they're starting to look around, and they've decided things aren't that bad, or at least they're getting better.

All the talk about the fiscal cliff isn't having much impact. The majority realize that these are problems that can be fixed, and they've decided that Obama has their back. Woe be it to Republicans if they don't go along.