Saturday, November 10, 2012

The beer economy

If you are new here, you may not know that the fact is that American workers make half what they should. Between the rich getting a 400% bump in their income with almost no taxes, they've also been simply doing away with the wealth creation engines of the American economy.

Here it is explained in terms of beer:

Gee Whillikers Bullwinkle, call Captain Peachfuzz

There's a lot more to this Petraeus email business, supposedly somebody close to the General was getting anonymous threatening emails. This person is important enough to get their problem handled by the FBI? Something pretty strange, especially that it forces Petraeus to resign. 

Let's be clear, the notion that this somehow helps Obama is just nutz. Congress can still call him, Obama can still invoke executive privilege. This doesn't change anything, except that the Gen doesn't need to worry about his job, if he wanted to be chatty. Unless he could go to prison, that would make more sense with a resignation like this.

Friday, November 9, 2012

In the shadowy world of Moose and Squirrel

Gen David Petraeus (Ret) has tendered his resignation as Dir CIA immediately after the election? Why does that seem strange, that the once favored nominee of the right to run against Obama has been having affair and must resign. Why is this a fatal flaw? Did Boris and Natasha set him up? This was a guy that never seemed to live up to the hype about him. Something funny going on here, an affair shouldn't be enough to knock out this guy. We'll probably never know what has been really has been going on.

The more that I think about this, the more ludicrous the 'official' reason for his resignation is. Infidelity is not a crime, hasn't been for decades, it isn't even grounds for divorce. If he was still in the Army, maybe. He did something more, what? Did it involve Romney? Benghazi? Sold us out to alien invaders? Sigh.... 

A map of Red to hide the Blue

Drudge has a map on their page that shows the US as 99% Red. The typical dim bulb that follows them will assume this means somehow Acorn stole the election for Obama.

The reality is of course that most of the 'Red' counties, small in population, but numerous even in the 'blue' states, they weren't 'red' by all that many votes. (depending on the concentration of 'trailer trash') In fact the 'blue' voters don't bother in areas where there isn't any point in voting. Combine that with the tens of millions that don't know what the 'left' is really saying about a 'right' that sees them only as potential dog food. Confronted with the actual 'reality', their vote would be different.

The push from the right now is too preserve the billionaires. Even if you don't think Obama is 'liberal' enough for you, it's time to call the White House and tell him that you have his back on the 'fiscal cliff'. Tell him that we will all take the tax hike from the expiration of the Bush tax cuts to keep the billionaires from robbing the country blind.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The battlefield has been prepared

A new Troll came through today commenting with the 'I pay too much taxes' crap on every post. Obviously he didn't read anything. Apparently the billionaires are funding a big push for the 'austerity' solution, read that 'don't raise capital gains taxes or close their trillion dollar loopholes'. I caught that long ad on CNN today that is set as a college class in 2030 China. They spent some serious money on it, too bad not a single thing about it was true. Too bad for us, not for the billionaires.

The stock market is down, but not from Obama being elected, rather from the realization setting in that austerity in Europe is a disaster.

Israel couldn't say enough good things about Obama today, his policies are wonderful and they can't believe how well the sanctions are working in Iran. They will let the US lead in all things. They didn't think that on Monday, what changed? President Romney .... (reset)....

Shocking Images

When I heard about this, I thought it would be hilarious, it's actually disturbing to look at. Even more disturbing when you realize how crazy these people have to be. They actually believe their crap, and it makes them dangerous. What are they crying about? They're still rich, Obama will make them still richer, maybe not as fast as they hoped. They won't be able to starve poor people, evict the elderly and deny people medical care, and they're really, really upset about it. Shocking.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The blue shift

It's not that many mornings that I wake up feeling slightly smug. Over is it 'hopefulness'? That's an emotion that doesn't come to visit very often.

The Republicans are desperately trying to maintain their fantasy that they are the majority party. "He didn't win by as many votes this time!" They don't mention that they kept 8 million people's votes from being included, this election wasn't even close. Incredibly they are trying to spin that the huge number of provisional ballots in Ohio are really Republican votes, 'Romney could still win!!!!'.

Many of you may have questioned the idea that 80% of Americans are really liberals, it's starting to become apparent that Americans are catching on. The entire country is shifting 'blue', further evidence is the House 'victory' for Republicans. This was entirely the result of over the top Gerrymandering, the Senate went for Dems because you can't do that with Senate races.

There are a lot of potential Democratic voters in the Red states that don't bother to vote, time for that 50 state strategy of Howard Dean again. Some Progressives suggest that we should simply write off the South, I say yes and no. The Senate needs to take advantage of the liberal shift to reform the Senate seniority rules that give far too much power to southern cracker Senators. Honestly I'm not holding my breath for that, but Harry Reid has promised to end those single Senator holds on everything.

How crazy the Republicans in the House will behave is yet to be determined. The strengthening economy makes threats from House Republicans to tank the economy less meaningful. One hundred percent of them have to run for re-election starting today. Obama needs to continue saying how he'll work with them while beating them with a stick simultaneously. Education is the solution, the only solution. Well okay, there is the fact that the angry old white men are dying off, or they'll come around after realizing that Obama is making their Medicare better... okay they're dying off. The Millennium Generation went over 60% for Obama, including in the Red states. There is 'hope' and I feel smug about it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Baghdad Bob

The Romney campaign continues to insist they are on a path to victory. So why is Paul Ryan stumping for votes in Alabama? At least I guess that's where he is, it isn't making the news, other than in passing. Are they actually afraid of not carrying Alabama? Could the blowout be that big? Nobody in the Christian right really wants to vote for a Mormon, or a Catholic either. They might back a winner, but the Obama tanks are just across the river, and coming fast. Time to take to the spider hole.

Voting is the best Revenge

Willard is trying to twist Obama's words again, saying that Obama told the crowd (a crowd Willard can only dream of) that they should vote for revenge, in reality he said that they shouldn't boo, but vote, "vote, vote, vote, voting is the best revenge". Lying comes so easily for Republicans, nothing matters for them but their own bottom line.

If you haven't been paying attention, Bloomberg has outed Romney for having a phony charity to avoid paying any taxes. The Republicans were shamed into banning the tax loophole in 1997, but grandfathered in already existing sham charities like Romney's. This guy is a multi-billionaire at your expense.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ha ha ha heh, heh, heh, heeeeeee, he he he, gasp

Have you seen the Obama pop up ad with the picture of the kitten? "Stop looking at cats online, and vote Tuesday".   Ha ha ha ha, gasp, thud!

weather vane

If Sandy didn't make it clear who thinks like a President and who thinks like a pirate equity manager, what will? I love the canned goods, but not as props. You can see who is simply cynical about the intelligence of the average American. Romney doesn't even respect the Republicans who show up to his rallies.

Even the corporate news has been showing the voters in Florida being turned away at the polls. Can you say ground swell?

Turn out to vote even if you don't live in a swing state, make the election overwhelming. Send the tea bag idiots back to their villages.

Where did that come from?

Japan has a Yen problem. All those years of benefiting from the carry-trade of investors using the cheap interest on the Yen to buy into foreign markets is coming home to roost. There are an awful lot Yen in circulation, and their government is stuck. They need to drive down the value of the Yen because it's killing exports from their high tech industries, all of the big electronics companies are finding it impossible to compete with China and Korea for business, and they are posting enormous losses.

Japan's edge in technology is fading with China's accession, this is further exasperated by anti-Japan rioting in China, severely damaging their investments there. We may have put the unfortunate business of WWII behind us, but China's civilian population experienced a Japanese occupation that defies description in the depth of its brutality and slaughter. They aren't keen to forgive and forget.

Back to the Yen, if things get to out of hand the Yen could collapse which would be even worse than the problems they are having now. That trigger for worldwide economic collapse may not come from China as the right likes to crow about (or Greece, depending on the day of the week), or from the US either. Most likely it will be something we don't even see coming.

Chris Wallace gets it

On Fox Sunday Chris Wallace got the message, it's all over. Fox put up their best material with clips showing Obama promising to reveal everything about the attack on the consulate in Libya, and then of Obama boarding Marine One as reporters yelled questions. Wallace then asserted the Obama is refusing to take reporters questions on the 'scandal' and asked David Axelrod, "Is the President stonewalling until after the election?"  Axelrod answered the y/n question with a simple "No", it took Wallace a few seconds to realize that Axelrod was simply done with him. There would be no debating this nonsense on Fox anymore.

The election is effectively over, all but for the last of the voting. The Obama people know, the Romney people know it. Romney continues to throw out wild attacks in desperation. It's possible that even the crazies know it, but it takes them awhile to stop spinning in circles.