Saturday, November 3, 2012

NBC quotes about Biden takes on Romney

From NBC: [Three days before the election, Vice President Joe Biden pegged his newest critique of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to the semi-annual inconvenience of adjusting clocks for Daylight Savings Time, which occurs tonight.
"It’s Mitt Romney’s favorite time of the year -- because he gets to turn the clock back!" Biden told a crowd of hundreds at a suburban Denver high school.
In his remarks, the vice president accused Romney of embracing social policies out of an earlier era, pointedly noting the GOP nominee's voiced enthusiasm for "getting rid of" Planned Parenthood. 
"With all the issues facing the country, Gov. Romney has focused on for the last three months [that] he's going to get rid of Planned Parenthood" Biden said. "And by the way, he doesn't even know he doesn't control Planned Parenthood."
"He should talk to Big Bird!" he added, referencing the scuffle over public broadcasting funding that broke out during one of the presidential debates.]
In realtiy: the Republicans don't want to take us back to 1950, or even 1850 when Dred v Scott was the law of the land, they prefer 1650 when the new 'liberal' thinking was being repressed. Burn the witches, they think women 'be not property'. 

Blued eyed Jesus

In line with the corporate media's meme that 'it's a horse race', today's talking point from ABC is, "both sides are sure they are going to win, and this hasn't happened in recent history....".

Well, not since the 1850s have we had this sort of irrational, intransigent belief system ingrained in the far right. They're sure they're going to win because their blonde, blued eyed Jesus told them so. They're scared to death of the black man in the 'white' house, and billions have been spent by the oligarchs to make that so.

Obama has done wonders for these low information white people, but they don't see it. Often because their personal situation is getting steadily worse. Their wages are going down, their wealth is evaporating, the kids are moving back in, on and on. They're incapable of following the money trail from their pockets to the pockets of the very billionaires that pay Rush Limbaugh's salary. Even if they are personally better off, like having health insurance that actually pays for their care instead of stiffing them, they don't get it.

There are direct parallels to the rich white planters who convinced poor whites to march into Union cannon fire. They using the very same propaganda themes in Republican ads today. (some troll will point out that Lincoln was a...) Even if Obama wins convincingly on Tuesday, they aren't going to believe it. Even if they accept the numbers, many are just fine with apartheid, their blonde, blued Jesus is.

Friday, November 2, 2012


The BLS Household survey shows that 733,000 Americans reported finding work in October, this continues to run way ahead of the employer survey, but that was up too. The unemployment rate ticked up, indicating more people are looking for work. Hourly wage increases are running slightly below the rate of inflation indicating corporate America's efforts to drive down wages continue to meet with success.

August and September numbers on the employer survey were revised upward by 84,000 as more complete data was analyzed by the government. Obama can point to steady growth since his stimulus program went into effect, while Romney continues to call for return to Bush era policies. Average monthly job growth for his eight years was only about 65,000/month, and zero if you include the crash at the end that ran into the first few months of Obama. Romney's company played a big part in that fantastic growth rate he'd like to return us to.

Prairie2ism: I cried in my beer, until I met a man who had no beer. He had whiskey, it changed my life.

Reality check

Much has been made about hacking voting machines, and it should be a big deal. However, the reports that software patches have been installed on Ohio machines to flip the election are too good to be true. This would leave a huge trail leading back to the company who did it. Oh please, oh please, let them do something that stupid. This is covered by the 'fool me twice' rule, they got away with it when nobody knew about it, that's no longer true. Keep in mind the DOJ is not in the hands of Republicans this time.

These sorts of scams have to be more subtle then this for them to get away with them repeatedly. Going in and changing the actual numbers could be done after the fact and not be traceable if done properly. Installing actual software ahead of time, no. Most likely they were running a simple money scam, getting paid big bucks for a last minute software updates that didn't do anything.

Then again, the stupidity of corrupt Republicans knows no bounds.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is what happens

That fatal meningitis outbreak traced to a slip-shod drug manufacturer in Massachusetts has direct links to Romney's past practices as governor. Not only did he fail to regulate them in line with his 'free market' (live free like it's the libertarian paradise of Somalia) philosophy, but he withdrew a state reprimand and shortened their probation for past violations. They coincidentally donated heavily to Romney's campaign. It's not what you know, it's who you bribe. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cackle, cackle, honk!

The right-wing geese are cackling about the Obama campaign expanding by three states their major ad buys, plus appearances by Bill Clinton and other big hitters. The 'reality challenged' have taken this to mean that Obama is losing, and must scramble to hang on to the traditional Blue states. Oh please, it's starting to look like Obama will take all nine swing states handily.

So why spread the wealth around? Well, because he has it for one thing. Coincidentally these states have Republicans running for Congress and the Senate, and they're falling behind. Can you say 'coat tails'? It may well be that the Republicans will be awakened next Wednesday by a cold bucket of reality in the face.

Canned goods gone bad

It turns out that the Romney campaign spent thousands of dollars to buy canned goods to pass out to Republicans at the door in order to create a 'spontaneous' photo op at his 'non-campaign' events across the country. Even scripted, Romney sounded incredibly awkward and out of touch with what was happening. The typical Republican couldn't be expected to show up with canned goods, since any of the few inclined donate to charity would know that disaster relief organisations don't want goods, they need cash. I wonder if the Romney people got all of their cans back, and how many different events they recycled them through.

The scandal isn't labeled Democrat, so it must be?

Chris Wright's congressional campaign for NY-12 has fired his manager for misconduct. None of the corporate news articles mentioned that Chris Wright has any party affiliation. This seemed odd.  Yahoo/ABC News search didn't even turn him up, like he didn't exist. Google turned up some left wing blogs that actually mentioned that Wright is in fact a Republican.

Shashank Tripathi, using the Twitter handle @ComfortablySmug, sent out multiple rumors during the worst of the storm Monday. He is being blamed for spreading the rumor that the New York Stock Exchange trading floor had been flooded with 3 feet of standing. The rumor ran on CNN and New York Magazine until NYSE officials debunked it, and there were more. He greatly exaggerated the flooding and the potential disruption to commerce.

I haven't seen the actual tweets, but you can guess where he was going with this. His Twitter handle should tell you what you need to know.

Winning is winning

Drudge was obsessed with polls that showed Romney leading, but the polls have disappeared again. They do have a Brietbart article with the headline touting that Obama's lead in Florida's early voting is down 70% from 08. You have to actually read the article carefully to see that Obama is still winning by a couple of points. They wrote the whole article to give you the opposite impression, even saying at one point that, "Democratic officials don't dispute these numbers". You can bet they don't, winning is winning.

The reason polls are shifting back to Obama is that right leaning cheerleaders need to adjust their results back to reality as the election approaches. Rasmussen for example is often cited by the corporate media as showing the Republicans leading more than other polls implying that they are somehow more accurate. As the election approaches the gap between them and legitimate polling narrows until election day when they match up exactly. This maintains their cover for the next round when they repeat the cycle all over again. As the snarky trolls say, "only the poll on election day counts". That is except the ones that show Republicans leading.

You have to keep in mind always, that of the half of Americans who do vote, only about 27% are Republicans. Forty percent now claim to be independent, a lot of those do vote Republican, but clearly they aren't happy with it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Does your vote count?

Aside from right-wing election fraud involving electronic voting, voter suppression, un-counted provisional ballots and any other crooked scheme they can come up with, does voting always matter? Say you live in a solidly Red state or a solid Blue state, do you take the time?

The simple answer is yes, and not just because it's your patriotic duty. The popular vote could be close since the cascade of Romney lies does seem to have fired up the knuckle draggers to vote for a 'non-Christian' (okay, Franklin Graham took him off the cult list). The more votes that Obama gets the better it looks, the better it is for your nation.

Green Party and the like, get over yourselves, this one matters. Don't give me that: 'the lessor of two evils is still evil'; or 'they're all corrupt'. Those are right-wing 'suppress the vote' talking points, just because fuzzy thinking liberals repeat them, doesn't change that.

Any third party 'liberal' movement is seriously living in a bubble if they think they will ever catch on. If you really want to accomplish something, form a faction inside the Democratic Party, and push your reforms where they will count for something. Vote like it matters, or it could be that you will have missed the last time you will ever get to cast a ballot.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Divine Fiat

The hard right corporatists are doubling down the lies about Chrysler that Romney has been peddling in Ohio. First it was that Fiat will move the production to China. That's been shot down, so now they claim that Fiat wants to build Chryslers in Italy and export them to the US. Arrghh!

Moving to China makes a certain amount of sense, but moving to Europe where factory workers make more than twice what they do in Ohio? Why would they do that?

They go on to praise Romney for calling out Obama because he allowed Chrysler to be taken over by a foreign company. That's rich. What American company wanted them? They were owned by a pirate equity group after the Germans sucked them dry. Romney would have sold the bones to China, if even they were interested at that point.

Playing dress up

Why is Romney losing in Nevada? This election is supposed to be all about the economy, and Nevada has had the worst of the Bush Depression, or in Willard World, the Obama Depression. Romney has spent a lot of time there, mostly raising money from billionaires, but campaigning too. He's still going there even though he's falling further and further behind, it might not even be close anymore.

It's not like they won't vote for a Mormon, a lot people in the state are Mormons, including Harry Reid. The problem for Willard is that Nevada is a state that believes money talks and BS walks. "The more you get know Romney, the less you like him", that phrase originated with a Republican in Iowa in 2008. It describes Willard to a tee, he is his own worst enemy.

If Romney could have run strictly on advertising he'd be starting his second term as President instead of losing again. It's a compelling argument for keeping the Electoral College system, it forces Presidential candidates to go out and campaign like they're running for alderman in a small town. You might think that in the other 40 states your vote doesn't really count, but much of what you really know about the candidates comes from the handful of states where they are forced to actually touch people. Romney doesn't like touching the help, and it shows. Bush didn't either but he was a better actor, or rather for him, playing 'dress up'.

Speaking of the BS walking, here's an article that explains in detail how the Romney campaign faked a photo to make it look like Mittens can actually draw a crowd like Obama can.

Me too, me too! Don't show the video!

In the debate Mittens proclaimed all his foreign policies to be just like Obama's. Except he'd say them louder (and he's white), and he's Christian, now that Mormons are off of Franklin Graham's satanic cult list (for now).

Apparently he noticed that Obama cancelled his campaign appearances to manage the government response to the storm. 'Me too!' Mittens has now canceled his as well, so that he could manage... manage... (what exactly?) Maybe he didn't want to hear questions about how he will be eliminating FEMA.  Not that he answers questions anymore, if a reporter gets within shouting distance Willard pretends to be deaf.

The righties complain constantly that Obama campaigns too much. Now they are ridiculing him for stopping. They don't want to even admit that he's in charge. They push the meme that he's not too bright and out of touch. Does it occur to them that maybe they don't want voters giving that any thought? How do you decide if a candidate is intelligent and 'in touch'? You compare him to his opponent. Not a smart move when your guy can't find Iran on a map, and thinks we don't need FEMA as the biggest storm ever arrives in the middle of the campaign. Romney might not think the Army still has horses and bayonets, but you can bet all he does know about the military is that it makes a lot of money for his friends.

Mittens is even losing among NASCAR fans, not the most liberal bunch of people. Pretending that he's a 'car guy' and then demonstrating that all he knows about racing was that he's friends with some of the team owners. Owners are something the average NASCAR fan can't relate to, and probably likes to pretend doesn't exist. So they'll go with the Black guy who saved Chevy from going to China instead. That's something I never expected to say.

Romney has trotted out even bigger lies as the election draws close, falsely claiming that Chrysler is closing their plants in Ohio and moving to China. That probably will happen if Willard is President, meanwhile Chrysler is building more capacity in Ohio. He's running ads with earnest sounding actors who claim they voted for Obama, but not this time. The latest one claims Romney is pro-choice (if you've been raped) and that he won't ban birth control, and how Obama has been lying about this. Obama is running ads that simply show clips of Willard saying the opposite. You have to shake the etch a sketch pretty hard to make video clips go away.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Polling data

Democrats are saying that they have polling that shows them ahead or tied in 34 Congressional districts held by Republicans. They need to pickup 25. This is by no means a slam dunk, but there is real hope that the Tea Baggers can be shown the door.

The best polling is done by both parties, and contrary to what the right-wing cranks will tell you, they don't lie about results. Even the Republican party just keeps the results to themselves rather than lie about it, it's an issue of credibility with their own supporters. Not that the Republicans have much of that, but they leave the heavy duty lying to the billionaire funded professional liars.

Shouting at clouds

The corporate media is obsessing over the giant storm roaring up the east coast. After a couple mentions about the obvious connection to global warming when the storm first developed, that has reality been scrubbed from the coverage. They like talking about climate change when they can play it as a controversy, as if half way between right and wrong was the truth to be shown on the evening news. Not so much when it's a little too obvious, especially since it would favor Democrats to have the right-wing-nuts responding to the coverage in front of potential voters.

Will the October surprise favor Democrats anyway? Early voters have been overwhelmingly Democrats, will Republicans stay home? In some Congressional Districts it could make the difference. Will some of the Tea Bag science deniers be voted out? Some of them were already in real danger of being sent back to their villages to resume shouting at clouds on their own time. No amount of shouting is going to turn back this cloud.