Friday, October 26, 2012

Tell an adult

Eighty big corporate CEOs are issuing joint statements through Murdoch's Wall Street Journal about the dangers from Congressional inaction on the fiscal 'crisis'. They talk down the economy, they are making announcements about layoffs, highlighting below expectation earnings, and generally spreading panic based on Congressional inaction on the 'fiscal cliff'. Just before the election, coincidence?  Probably not. Nothing about the 'fiscal cliff' requires immediate action, they aren't laying off people because of it, if they are really laying off people at all. Demand creates jobs, not corporate CEOs.

It doesn't matter what the 'lame duck' Congress or the President does right now about any of 'fiscal cliff' items. The Republicans demanded it be set up this way, when they were holding the country hostage over the debt ceiling. They would have had 'the fiscal cliff' happen on election day, but that would have been too obvious politics even for dull witted 'independent' voters. They just pretended that everything would 'magically' come to a head at the end of the year. Pssst, the fiscal year ended September 30th. The real concern is who will be making the decisions at the end of January, when it counts for the next two years.

GDP growth is up 2% in the third quarter despite the drought, the Euro crisis, high gas prices, sagging exports, on and on. In fact this signals that the economy is poised to get that 'pent up demand' bounce that the Republicans have been holding back. If the Republicans get to be in charge they will take the brakes off, and use the 'confidence fairy' argument to ram through more taxes cuts for themselves, end regulations on pirate capital, and set about looting more middle class wealth. If the Democrats prevail, they need do nothing but keep the Republicans at bay to boost the economy. That's the only downside, the Democrats might fail to enact any real reforms. Educating the public is the only solution to that.

The new Gallup Poll has the number of Americans who think 'they are worse off now' has dropped sharply from 49% to 34% during 2012 despite the constant drumbeat from the right. It could have something to do with the nearly one million people who found work in September. One more jobs report comes out before election day, you can bet on the election based on what that report says.

The right is incensed that Obama used the 'Bull Shit' word in a Rolling Stone magazine interview that mentioned that children prefer him overwhelming compared to Romney. (as if the children could hear him) The fact is that if you watch Romney with the sound off, with no knowledge of what he claims to believe, as a child would see him, you know he's the creepy man that they warned you about in the 'stranger danger' classes. Run, run, tell an adult, the policeman will protect you. Obama said 'it's too bad children can't vote'. Really it's too bad adults have forgotten the 'stranger danger' lessons. The right-wing voters think they will get candy.


The Obama campaign is running a series of ads to get out the vote in the battleground states. One features quick clips that ask the non-voter, 'what you will tell those you care about?', when they face the consequences of a Romney-Ryan administration. It shows a montage of right-wing legislative goals followed by the potential victims, your grandmother, your son, your daughter. "What will you tell them?"

Another ad features shots of people who think their single vote doesn't count while the narrator explains that there are probably 537 people in Florida who wish their vote had counted in 2000. "The difference between 'what could have been', and 'what was'", with quick shots of foreclosures signs and troops in combat. This recalls the LBJ 'daisy' ad, showing in visual terms the stark consequences how you vote, or don't vote.

If I hear one person who claims to be a liberal say 'there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans', I will do something unbecoming an advanced life form. Go tell it to somebody who is a victim of the Republicans that it doesn't matter, I don't want to hear it anymore.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Initial unemployment claims are back down this week after last week's spike.

Housing starts and home sales are up significantly despite continued tight credit. Prices are up in most markets.

Obama's poll numbers are up in the battle ground states, including a 5 point lead in Virginia. Early voting states show Democratic turnout way up over 2008 and down for Republicans.

The number of young people who will vote is still the wild card. They are notoriously hard to poll with no land line and often not even living in traditional households. Polling models are based on past election results. Shifting demographics and the building economic crisis among the Millennium Generation could make the polls simply wrong. They out number the Baby Boomers, but millions of women in this group didn't vote last time. Will the Republicans coming out in favor of 'rape pregnancy' motivate this group to vote? If just the women who were old enough to vote four years ago were to turnout this time, the election might not even be close. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's do or die time

Between the angry old white guys who argue with chairs dying off, and the demographic shift to Hispanics, this is the last chance for the Republicans to grab power by the pretense of elections. If they get it , they will never give it back. Nothing else needs to be said.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White Horse Election Fraud

Chuck Todd of NBC has labeled Brad Friedman's reporting of the Romney Crime Family's ownership of the easily hacked touch screen voting machines in Ohio, as nothing but a conspiracy theory comparable to Donald Trump's birtherism. 

It's odd that Chuck Todd would diminish the value of Donald Trump, since he is also an employee of NBC. Trump pretends that he is a billionaire, his real net worth is negative nearly that amount. Chuck Todd pretends that he is a journalist. You would expect professional courtesy among hucksters.

Then again, squelching the revelation that votes have been stolen wholesale by the republicans for the past 14 years requires a blood sacrifice. Sorry Donald, you're not half as important as you think you are.

Do you suppose the 'White Horse Prophecy' by Joesph Smith was a sloppy transcription in the age of the quill pen? More probably it had something to do with the White Horse of the Apocalypse. Smith wasn't shy about stealing from multiple sources however. It could have been inspired by a livestock auction sale bill. If it's based on the Apocalypse,  wouldn't that make Willard the Anti-Christ? 

Your 401(k) is down, but why?

The big news today was the sagging price of Blue Chip stocks has diminished that average 401(k) by $1500 today alone, and there will be 1500 layoffs at DuPont Chemical. This was blamed on the weak economy, not on the fact these big corporations have been moving their production to China, and well, China just sort of takes over the production for themselves.

These companies have also been participating in driving down wages in the US which of course leads to less demand, and if you've been reading this column, you know that the one and only thing that creates jobs is (wait for it) DEMAND. Force down 'demand', and guess what? The economy contracts. Can you say 'death spiral'?

Knowledge of this economic concept goes all the way back to ancient times, but Republicans act as if this were some sort of voodoo invented by New Age crystal salesmen. The cure for this is knowledge. We must relegate the tea bag village idiots back to the street corners where they can yell at clouds without killing the rest of us.

Attention all Suckers, pay more now and be happy!

Today's 'energy is expensive' (be glad we let you have any) talking point is that despite the mushrooming supply of domestic energy, you should expect the price to remain high (read that go even higher). Why? Because refining capacity has not kept pace with the increased supply. What Bull Shit. The major oil companies have been expanding refineries while buying out smaller refineries and closing them. In fact we export 30% of the refined product from US facilities. It's our biggest manufactured export. Gasoline is a waste product of refining, it should be cheap. All though the price increases during the Bush Adm. that they said were happening because of 'shortages', we were exporting gasoline. You're a bunch of suckers.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney endorses Obama

In the debate, Willard approved of everything that Obama has done while President. He disapproved of somethings that Obama hasn't done, and some things that don't even exist in this reality. Mittens hasn't heard of aircraft carriers or submarines, and the President did try to inform him that some things have changed since 1916. The new wireless is expected to revolutionize sea warfare. In fact any guided missile destroyer out guns the entire fleet of the first half of the 20th century. Any one nuclear missile submarine can lay waste to any enemy nation.

Willard has come around to endorsing the idea of telegraphing our departure date from Afghanistan, contradicting what he said in the Republican debates, this has been the Republican talking point forever. I seem to recall this being the 'quack, quack' in regard to the Vietnam War, right up until Nixon said he had a 'secret plan' for peace. It turned out that Nixon's secret plan amounted to treason, as revealed by now released White House tapes from 1968.

Romney pretty much did away with any chance that he can ever be President. The only hope for Republicans is voter suppression, crooked voting machines and the intervention of God. And we know Jesus is a liberal, read Mathew 25. It's all about the turnout, remember the Republicans are only 20% of the population at best. Only half of Americans vote, and only a third of those are registered Republicans. You do the math.

It's incredible that Romney started right off with claiming that Iran's interest in Syria was that they were Iran's access to the sea. WTF???? Look at a map. Iran and Syria don't share a border. Syria does have some coastline on the  Mediterranean sea, but insignificant compared to Iran's coastline on several other international bodies of water. The Shiite version of Islam is something they have in common, but Willard doesn't want to have people to start talking about religion. He needs the rightwing Christian base to vote for him, and he's not a Christian in any sense that those people would actually recognize. In fact the Christians have more in common with the Muslims than with Romney's cult.