Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Their lips were moving, that's always a dead giveaway

I guess we should know by now that when Republicans talk about being reasonable and compromising with the President that they would be lying. Obama gave ground to set the threshold of the Bush tax cut roll back at $400,000 instead of $250,000. He even threw in some cuts to Social Security for no reason other than to make the Republicans feel good about screwing old people.

John Boner immediately pivoted after agreeing to these terms and invoked 'plan B', as if naming it gave it some sort of real world legitimacy. His plan will kick in at a million of taxable income and preserve other breaks for the rich as well.

Boner is just putting on a show to convince the tea bag base he's really one of them. He knows this won't pass the Senate even if Obama approved of it, and he doesn't. In fact the little orange man doesn't even have enough Republican votes to pass it in the House. He needs Democrats to pass any tax increase as the 'screw the country' wing of the Republican caucus won't vote for anything that resembles sound fiscal policy. They are still fantasizing about starving the Federal Government to death, so that the Confederacy can return.

The reality is that Obama has already made big cuts to the budget taking us back to 1952 spending levels. Once the war ends the shortfall will be small enough that when the economy picks up to the speed it should be operating at, the deficit will go away. This also requires the additional revenue from ending the Bush tax cuts. It's just math.

To really get the American Dream back the Reagan tax cuts need to be ended, and well, repeal everything the Republicans have pushed through since 1947. Then we can start seeing the kind of growth they have in China. We have the technology to reshape civilization for the better, we just need to wrestle the economy away from the plutocrats who want it all for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Changing the COLA (cost of living adjustment) of Social Security and Vereran's pay can be offset by a mass civil disobedience. When the taxes are calculated for these earned benefits only 50% to 85% of the income is taxed to offset after tax contributions. This is calculated by filling out a worksheet in the tax instrution book. If one performs the calculation then subtracts 6% from the result you will arrive at the amount as if the previous COLA was in effect. The IRS will be overwhelmed even if they would find out what was happened.

prairie2 said...

tax disobedience is not going to work. Most people have taxes withheld. reforming the SS payouts can be done by any future Congress.

Anonymous said...

Soooo, how long til folks realize most Dems and ALL Repubs work for the same wealthy elites? And yes, that includes Obama. Lube up, and bend over , workers of America.