Sunday, December 2, 2012

Late Sunday, US time

Far East stocks are up on news that China's economy is stabilizing. This positive activity is viewed in those markets as being 'capped' by the US budget impasse.

The so-called 'world' market is dependent on what the US does or doesn't do. The fact is that China is a oligarchy based on the Communist Party. They don't care what the US does other than what damage the US can do to them. China is not a slave to the illusions that the West chooses to live by. This doesn't predict an outcome over the long term, only a sign post to read.


Anonymous said...

Reading this I realized what a complete Republican ellectorial victory would produce. Capitalists and the army running the country. One party domination of all offices. Intolerance of anyone who can think for himself and dosen't resemble the looks of their majority. Disregard of the poorest citizens the (47%).

Fake_William_Shatner said...

Anonymous and you make good points; China is really the Republicans goal. Fake-Communism blends better with Capitalism than our Fake-Democracy.

The only thing that WILL prevent China from being the world dominator, is that their leadership is as corrupt and vain ultimately as ours -- the "Globalists" will eventually have them spending money on weapons "systems" and outsourcing labor to cheaper people. So the burgeoning middle class in China will be TOLD that they enjoy a social safety net because China has to DEFEND against Bin Laden (insert name) and has to be competitive with Haiti (insert Libertarian paradise).

The very scary thing I wonder about in the future, is what happens the microsecond after Robotic factories are cheaper than feeding the "useless eaters" that neo-feudalism demands?

I see only one path for a decent future and all the rest are merely different flavors of dystopia.